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    I absolutely cannot stand the Google contacts BS on this phone. I use this for business and I only use Outlook.

    I make a new contact and it sets it up as a *****in Google contact. Its getting on my nerves so much that I am seriously thinking about going back to the Treo Pro.

    The email on this phone totally sucks ***.

    I cannot believe Palm abandoned their business user market. What idiots.

    I have owned Palm Treo's for years. I like the phone a lot but the email is horrible for business users and so is the contact manager.

    I hope they fix this BS soon, as I am losing my patience.
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    Don't use the google contacts then?

    I personally love the google integration, but my use is for personal. My understanding is the 1.1 update is supposed to address some of the enterprise issues with the phone. Maybe that will help.

    So as far as email, what about it "totally sucks" exactly? I really like the email on the pre over my blackberry.
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    Be patient, if it's not addressed in the 1.1 update, please be assured it'll be one of the early apps released by a 3rd party vendor. Seems like a simple fix.

    Otherwise, try PocketMirror. I can't vouch for it, but sounds easy enough to use. And looks like it's free to download.
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    I've found email to be pretty awesome on this phone. JMHO.
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    Does making Exchange your default account under Contacts preferences solve this by chance? Haven't tried it myself.
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    You can change where new contacts are stored. You need to set which cloud service to have as your default. It's in the preferences of the contacts application. The calendar works in a similar way. Set your default cloud service and any new records created in that app will backup/store the record in the default cloud service.

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