I posted this on ppcgeeks.com - ( 3+ weeks w/ the pre (vs sprint touch pro) - PPCGeeks ) - but wanted to share it here as well.

I'm sticking with the Pre.

I actually wanted to take along my touch pro the other day to the gym because I wanted to catch up on my audible audiobooks or slingplayer slingplayer (no slingplayer for pre yet, although I'm sure they're working on it.. and no audible support yet..) - my plan was to use the wifi and tether to the pre - problem was, the touch pro's wifi started acting up on me when selecting the right network.. and I can no longer bring up the list of wireless networks.. reminded me what I hated about the touch pro.. things work.. until they don't.. and the small ok boxes.. and the time it takes to go from one app to another (even via spb mobile shell..).. and the sluggish scrolling (which i thought was awesome w/ wm65.. but realized was really sluggish after trying the pre), and the browser (which i thought kicked **** with opera 9.7, but the pre's is so much faster..), and.. and..

To give some background, I bough the pre at full price ($600) - I just wanted to play with it.. My plan was to return it before the month was up.

I had three major gripes.. a) no podcast reader yet b) bluetooth headset didn't work as well as on my touch pro.. c) small keyboard on the pre.. and no autocorrection so I kept making mistakes typing

The touch pro definately has a stronger bluetooth antenna.. but keeping the pre in my back pocket (instead of front) makes it so that it works correctly and doesn't cut out, so no big deal..

And I discovered netvibes.com - which makes listening to podcasts on the pre almost as easy as listening to them using kinoma play on the touch pro.. There's apps missing, (such as slingplayer), but they're coming. I also have a ipod touch that I can tether to the pre when I need some other apps (such as slingplayer..) - so no big deal..

As far as the keyboard.. the hacking community found a way to swap out the autoreplace texts on the pre so that it fixes common typos - plus I've gotten used to it.. I'm fairly fast on it now, and it's easier to slidehow in portrait and use the pre then it ever was to slideout the landscape keyboard on the touch pro..

For that case, it's much easier to use the pre one-handed then it ever was w/ the touch pro.

As long as palm stays calm on allowing hackers full access to the box (...or, if the hackers win the cat and mouse game as they always do anyways), then the pre's for me.. It's just such a nice phone!

if you're on the fence, try it.. you'll love it.. I tried it thinking I'd switch back (especially since I was paying $600 for the darn thing..) - but I can't get myself to return it..