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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    I would too. Fortunately, my Pre has none of the above.
    Me either. Mine doesn't overheat, the slider is fine, apps switch quick and seamlessly, no dead pixels, battery life is acceptable with the stock battery, etc etc. Basically the total opposite of whatever that guy wrote.

    The iPhone is a fine device, but I would do anything to avoid AT&T and especially avoid their outrageous plan prices.

    I think Palm did a fine job for a 1st gen device. Certainly much better than the 1st iPhone.
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    I actually left AT&T/Cingular to come to Sprint. Sprint's service and price packages are deal breakers for the iPhone. I can safely say I will never own one. But I do have and iPod Touch.

    Oh and I third that notion of having a good Pre. Maybe your phone was just a bad apple. Oh I made a funny.
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    Why is NobleJohn not banned yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by noblejohn View Post
    no, but i would expect a phone that $450 mil was poured into to at least have a decent battery. Multi tasking is the core of webOS, but the battery is garbage and cant handle multiple cards,Synergy, 3G/WiFi WTF is the purpose of all those features if the device cant handle it??

    Think about it. Why do you think Palm was the first to introduce such a high end, convenient wireless charger to the market? BECAUSE THE PHONE LIVES ON THE CHARGER THATS WHY.

    Palm wants you guys to accept mediocrity and sub par performance and cheap manufacturing (dead pixels, wobbly sliders, discolored screens, ***** for a battery that overheats,etc.) i refuse to.
    i hate apple fan boys they have nothing better to do
    its sad really
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