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    So I switched my phone to silent" mode, the switch on top right of phone. I was in the move theater and apparently I had an alarm previously set to go off from day before and it went off (loudly) during my movie. Is this supposed to happen or can I disable that? Thanks.
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    Mine works the same way.
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    Supposed to happen that way. Same with music (Music app and Pandora at the moment). It's actually a good thing, to me, that it does. My phone doesn't wake me up at night with emails and such but I still have my alarm in the morning.
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    Yep, I like this feature.
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    I do not like this feature at all. To please both groups I wonder if it would be possible to give the users the option. On the last 2 treo models I had, the silence ringer switch silenced all sounds. I wish this was the case on the Pre. I don't want to go into a meeting and forget that I had set an alarm the previous day to remember to do something.
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    would toggling the volume switch all the way down silence all sounds?

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