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    I'm very new to the forums and have pretty much lurked. I have owned my Pre for about 2 weeks. I have read the battery saving threads and have put them into practice. But I am wondering if any other Pre users are seeing this pattern or if my Pre is quirky. Please advise. I love my Pre and this is my first smart phone. So, I plan on keeping it in one form or another. I don't want to go through the hassle of exchanging unless necessary.

    My Pre falls into the 10% loss of charge per hour camp. However, I have isolated that if I turn off GPS and WiFi that I am able to move my Pre into the 5% loss camp.

    I've noticed that for me GPS is the big battery sucker. So I keep it off at all times and can go from 8am - 10pm without issues. If it is on then I loose battery life like you can't believe.

    Since turning off GPS and WiFi I've noticed that my reception has improved. In fact, it went from jumping all over the place (1 bar to 5 bars) to staying at 5 bars most of the time. I was amazed by this. I do see once in a while going down to 4 bars, but most of the time it stays at 5 bars at home and around town.

    Today, I just experimented with turning on WiFi at home (GPS still off). Now my reception is jumping all over the place again. It goes down to 2 bars, pops back up to 4 bars. But it never goes up to 5 bars.

    Has anyone seen this issue? It has affected battery life as well, of course.


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    Wow, no one is having this issue? I guess I better exchange it!
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    I just got around to turning off my GPS (WiFi has been off). Reception has been poor at my workplace, so I will update tomorrow to let you know how much battery life has improved. With light surfing, email pushing every 15 minutes and light texting, I previously would have expected about 5 hours out of a charge. If turning off GPS not only improves my battery life but my signal strength as well, I will be pretty stoked.
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    My reception is all over the place and the battery life is horrendous it lasts me only 5 hours. I am swapping mine tomorrow between the oreo effect, battery problems etc etc with hope that it will be better
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    Yes these are contributing factors. But there are factors still unexplained by these settings.
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    Signal strength has a huge part to do with battery life, but it's generally better if you leave WI-FI on, unless you are doing hardly any data transfers (i.e., leaving the phone alone, in which case it turns off automatically when the screen turns off). The reason is that the wifi radio uses much less power then EVDO, so when you get emails, messages, etc., it's not taking as much energy. I leave wifi on all the time, and get decent battery life.
    I have seen that turning GPS off helps too, like you saw.
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    I've noticed that signal strength and type are the biggest factors in battery life, and everything else is almost a moot point.

    I was previously in the 10% per hour camp (close to 15-20 when i actually used the phone), but that's because I had no signal where I was. now that I have an airave at home, I am getting much better battery life (about 5% per hour).

    my city only has 1x coverage, which seems to also impact my battery life. When I travel to areas with great EVDO coverage, my phone will drop only 3-4% per hour.

    my signal at home, with WIFI on and and airave is actually quite sporadic. I might give shutting wifi off a try, and see if i get similar results to you. i will let you know what happnes.
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    Agreed. Leave Wi-Fi on and turn GPS off. This is best for battery in my experiences.
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    If you have had your Pre for 2 weeks, then you need to figure out your settings problem. It take several charges and discharges to get your Battery "seasoned" for long life. But you should be there by now!! I have had my Pre for 2 weeks, Thursday. Your battery performance is horrible! Turn off GPS, unless you need it all the time! Turn off WiFi, except when you need it. Shut down the Web, by closing all apps, unless you are running on the Web. Shut down Blue Tooth unless you are using it or are on standby.
    I manage my usage using the aforementioned procedures and easily be 4 - 5 hours of internet and 3 or 4 hours of telecoms, plus a bunch of Text every day with 20%-30% left on the Battery every day!
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    5% drain per hour seems to be the middle ground. GPS and IM connections seem to be two of the biggest drains. If you don't go offline when not using IM connections or are connected to IM and not using them ever simply remove the connection.
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    Hi all,

    I wanted to post a big thanks for those that posted and helped me out. I do want to let you know that the issues are resolved. It took quite a while to figure it all out with Sprint and Palm. After the original post I also realized I was loosing IMs and text messages. I wouldn't receive them OR they were never received by my friends.

    I ended up calling Sprint and Palm. They helped me out perfectly. It turns out that my reception issues and battery drain were due to a few things:

    1) The fighting WiFi, EVDO, GPS saga. When I had WiFi on both icons, WiFi and EVDO, appeared in the upper right hand corner of the screen. One never resolved so that was a major reception AND battery issue. What is suppose to happen is that one signal should be stronger then the other AND the other icon should stop trying to connect. So only ONE of these icons should appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    The reason my battery life and reception improved was because I turned off WiFi. So no more competing signal. Of course GPS was the same thing, constantly trying to find a signal and resolve.

    After I spoke to Sprint and Palm this stopped happening. Not sure exactly what they did. It was several phone calls and several CS people pushing things over the network to my phone. Now when I turn on WiFi it takes 2 seconds and it connects AND the EV icon disappears.

    2) They updated my PRL.

    3) Sprint will be sending me an Airave. I should get it in a few days. They said this will help my bars stay at 4-5 bars. They said the other issue for battery drain was the jumping bars. They said this will help my battery and reception issues even more. So that I can possible get even better battery life and better reception. Will see how it goes.

    My theory is that it appears I had radio issues: the three different radios interfering with each other? So when I turned WiFi and GPS off it allowed the Pre to be less confused?

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