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    I am not in my thirty days anymore, but do have total care protection.

    My pre has some noticeable defects (oreo, top half of slider does not sit flush on the bottom half causing the top to tap the bottom everytime I use the touchscreen)

    But a flawless screen itself, no dead pixels.

    How do I go about replacing this phone with a new and defect free (although ulikely) device?

    Will I have to pay a deductible? Once again, there is absolutely no damage done to the phone. It has never been misused, dropped, spilled on, etc. I take better care of this phone than I do myself.
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    Go to the Sprint store and they should be able to repair those issues for you, especially if your phone is just fine. You don't need a replacement. Most of these physical issues can be fixed.

    I doubt they would charge you as you have a protection plan - that includes servicing defects or physical issues with the phone. Try it.
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    When i went to the sprint store, they told me that i can only exchange it once for a brand new phone within 30 days. Any exchanges after the new one has to be dealt with service and repair...which meens they order you a replacement. The problem with that is, you dont know how the replacement phone is (condition wise)...example; i got my replacement phone and i noticed a few dead pixels and the camera was VERY pixelated (top quarter of the screen)
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    This may be immoral , but if you want really want a new one just lie and say there are dead stuck pixels and you want an exchange, unless they are anal and take the thing into a dark room and examine closely for the pixels, they will just say ok and get you a new one, that's what I did.

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