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    Called sprint customer service (*2) on another matter today and a sprint automated voice came on the phone and told me to hold while my roaming software was updated. Received a text message that "programming update was successful."

    PRL on phone says 60652 (looking in "device info" on the phone).

    Could be Helpful as I am traveling tomorrow and the last time I traveled to So Cal, had a hard time with reception in some areas, we will see if this fixes it.
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    I havent update mine and it's 60652.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunsparc View Post
    I havent update mine and it's 60652.
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    Still the same PRL for all EvDO, maybe you got the 1st batch of PRE's.
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    If you touch the phone icon on the Pre, and select Preferences, you can manually update the PRL or Network settings at anytime. Hope this helps too.

    BTW, I am in the midwest and I got the PRL 60652 about a week after day 1.
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    Weird. It definitely gave me a text msg today that programming update was successful for roaming, perhaps someone else should try *2 and see what happens? Maybe it updated something else??

    I had trouble with the roaming last time I was in So Cal, when I got back home mid June, I spoke to a sprint rep who said he updated the roaming list for me (but I could have sworn it is still the same prl).

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