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    Does anyone know good mp4 video download sites

    What I mean is instead of downloading some video file and converting it into mp4 with an encoder!! !! are there any sites where you can directly watch videos from your pre and also Download them on to your computer.

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    u cant watch but at leas you can download movies mp4 and work perfectly in the pre! is >> then tap peliculas para iphone and ipod is a spanish page but the movies are in english good luck!
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    Try .::[Videos4BlackBerry]::. -

    I have gotten a bunch of TV shows from there. All the videos work fine.
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    ITunes won't work for video purchases since they are drm and work on ipods only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homie View Post
    Try .::[Videos4BlackBerry]::. -

    I have gotten a bunch of TV shows from there. All the videos work fine.
    Thanks way too cool. A must share.
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    Is that site legit? It looks a little shady.
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    Yhay videos for blackberry site is definitely looks a little sketchy at first but there a a bunch of good tv shows and other random dvds on there that work well on the pre, I have some on mine right now...definitely a good site if you just want some video content to watch; and you can email the guy who does the site and tell him stuff you want him to convert apparently
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    Site is legit lots of good vids and they all work on the pre...I've been gettin videos from it for a while, mainly tv shows. The guy who runs the site will usually convert things for you if you request too...def worth checkin out
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    When I click any links on that site I get nothing but pages of I missin somthing
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    That blackberry site is not legal. Downloading shows and movies from that site is the same as stealing them via torrents. You don't pay for the shows, the TV and movie companies are not reimbursed for the shows, there is nothing even remotely legal about it.

    Also keep in mind that downloading and saving YouTube (and likely others) videos is also in violation of their TOS and copyright laws.
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    ^ Truth. It's a shame there are so many other actually important things in the world that need to be addressed
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    Wow...I came across this thread earlier in the day and saw that blackberry link, clicked it, was shocked to see such great downloadable content on a site that appeared to be legal. It looks professional, has advertising, doesn't involve torrents, and one would infer that they are hosting the content so they would be shutdown if they were doing something wrong. Thus, I downloaded some content.

    After downloading, however, I started to question if the site really was I started searching google...and found little to nothing...except a pointer back to this thread...ironically.

    In hindsight, I suppose that it is hard to believe that the site owner has the right to redistribute that content...but I wonder why he has not been shut down yet?

    Either way, I am deleting what I downloaded. I don't need the hassle. I try to stay on the conservative side of the law here...since I don't need an army of lawyers putting liens on my house for an episode of The Office.
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    Can you download directlt to the Pre?

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