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    Call me an *****, but i'm trying to decide between getting a palm pre or pro.
    I currently have a treo 700wx and am used to WinMo. I need to connect to my work exchange server. I have two questions about the Pre. First, does it sync all outlooks subfolders as well as the standard inbox/sent/etc?
    My second question is regarding the home screen. Is there any customization available? I am very used to having my work calendar at the front screen so i know all my appointments each morning as soon as i pick up my phone. Is it possible to get the calendar and new email notifications on the main screen? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Both my wife and I got Pre's, she returned hers and got a Treo Pro. Different strokes for different folks. Right now for you to have you calendar up and ready to go when you wake up you would have to leave the card open all night. It's not something you can integrate into the home screen itself. I don't use Outlook so I can't comment on that part of your post. The Pro seems like a nice enough device though, and the SPB Mobile Shell actually gives you a nice and different interface for $30 more if you want to go nuts with it.
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    Have Both personally love the pre? but for you maybe the pro might be better going on your needs, i would also recomend Spb shell to create a better custom UI
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    I believe the Pre will sync all folders and give you GAL access.

    With the hackability of the Pre, I dont think a custom home screen is too far away. But WinMo is a definite here-and-now solution.

    But the Pre is soo sexy and promising!
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    thanks for your input. I'm still undecided though. I've become very dependent on my home screen, so i'm a bit worried about the pre. But the phone seems cool enough that maybe i can try to get over that. Any other feedback would still be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I would say shotr term goal pro, long term goal the pre. The pre will not give you all your needs right away. But palm is focusing all their attention on that phone to make it more appealing for all people. I would say if you are patient you will get your needs taken care of on the pre and more! The pre will do things that you might like better. Someone just made a third party home screen today. Your customizable homescreen is around the corner for a month old OS.
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    I came from a winmo phone (htc touch) and also miss the home screen. I would imagine that the pre will become more and more customizable with time, and something like that won't be far off. I do miss having my upcoming events on the screen, but I can set reminders for calender event and tasks and they will pop up. Hopefully in the next few months we will see more options for things like that come from palm. WebOS isn't just a palm pre os, it is supposed to be PALMS os for the pre and many future devices so I expect it will get the attention it needs. I'm a busy md and love the pre- Id say give it a shot. BTW the home screen is about the ONLY think I miss from windows mobile- the pre has made so many things that the htc touch 'could' do so much easier and painless.
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    Currently the way the Pre is, it sounds like the Treo Pro is the best phone for you. Just being honest, but it sounds like you are needing it to be farther along on the exchange server email side of things. The Pre is not up to par in that category.
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    Do you browse that often ?
    Do you use the GPS ?
    How many times you reboot per day ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    Do you browse that often ?
    Do you use the GPS ?
    How many times you reboot per day ?
    I browse quite a bit, currently on a treo 700wx. It doesn't have GPS, but i would like to be able to use it on my new phone (i think pro and pre both have it?).
    Currently i reboot about once a day because my phone is old and freezes up pretty often.
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    I always wanted the pro since it was announced. I finally got it yesterday and played with it alot. If you have not used the pre yet you will love the pro. If you use the pre for a few days you will NEVER go back to the pro. I'm taking it back today. Nice looking phone but the pre just rules.
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    I came from WinMo and I am a busy Network Engineer for a support company. I just open my calendar card and move to it when I need. I use email all day long on it. The exchange security isn't there yet, so check that before buying it.

    The pro will be a good upgrade for winmo to winmo, but i'll never go back to a phone in that class again after the pre, even with all its shortcomings. depends on if you can be patient while the pre matures. I can, i beta test all the time so i'm used to working around stuff, if you can't do that, and can't wait, then the pro is for you. If you can wait a month or two, the pre may mature enough for your needs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Cricket View Post
    If you can wait a month or two, the pre may mature enough for your needs.
    Thanks for the info. By wait, do you mean wait for a new version of the phone to buy later, or wait for an update that will address these things if i were to buy it now?
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    it depends on How much a power user you are.

    The pro probably has better battery life, With WinMo it does Multi task.
    I have had a Treo with Win mo. OS before and it was slow & unstable.

    how much of a need to you have to use Windows?
    Also is 128 MB on-board memory enough for you? Pre has 8GB

    Do you use your phone for photos or Media Playing?

    The Pre will have customizable Home screen It is Linux based so that means it is opensource there is potentially unlimited mount of potential.
    Linus based WebOS is very stable, user friendly, user upgradeable.

    As far as Notifications & Calendar.. You have the option of quick launch keys to set you your calendar & notifications show up at the bottom of the main screen as they happen. you can tap to launch or swipe away.

    A few pushes on the touch screen gives you your calendar view.

    I had My Treos Home screen set to show me upcoming Appts, and calendar I was used to that but do not see the new way Pre handles it as a disadvantage. Just an adjustment.

    For a business user I suggest the Treo Pro mostly for battery life. And business applications. It is most likely built more solid & can take abuse of a power user better than the Pre. It is also expandable via Micro SD That alone is a huge advantage it has over the Pre, as the Pre only comes with 8gb. Treo Pro can handle up to 32GB card.
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    How bad is the Pre battery life? I have a Treo 700wx and i need to recharge it every single night. My work doesn't stop all that much, so i'm emailing all day/night, and online quite a bit through out the day. While i use it for business, its mostly for emailing (though often large attachments) and viewing word/excel files. I only have a 1GB card in my current phone, so i think 8GB will be sufficient for me. I feel like the Pro would be the more appropriate choice for me, but the kid in me really wants to get the new/cool Pre.
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    Just buy my Treo Pro I'm only asking $150. That way if you decided to get the Pre at a later date you will still be eligible for the full subsidized pricing from Sprint if you choose to renew your contract.
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    I agree with most who have replied here..Seems like the pro would be ideal for you right now..but I believe the the pre would fit your needs and more in time...Me personally I LOVE MY PRE..
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    One Major thing to ADD!

    With My Treo 750 I had a plan that allowed me to Add unlimited Data for only $15.00 extra per month, so My wife and I shared 750 minutes I had unlimited Data it cost me less than 70.00/month.
    So if your on an old contract and can add unlimited data to a non data plan then STAY with the Pro If you opt for the Pre Sprint will require you to merge into their new plan structures of Everything data plans, You can no longer simply Add unlimited Data to an existing non Data plan with the Pre.

    This was nearly a deal breaker for me but I got discounts from my employer and
    My wife & I no longer share minutes, so over all we pay about 10-15 extra / month with unlimited text and I have unlimited Data. I rarely talk on my cell phone mostly e-mail & text so I need unlimited data and the way the Pre inegrates Gmail and Web features I like the user interface better. I am still missing the Build quality of the Treo line and I hesitate to put my Treo on Ebay as I mauy wish to go back to it. I miss video recording, zoom on camera, & solid build/battery life of treo. ANother key feature of the Treos is the navigation pad and center selection button, It truly makes 1 handed use easy. The treo gives the user the option of using keyboard or touch screen to select/launch Apps. The Pre does NOT have this feature!

    Hopefully this helps you. I am a tech junky & like new things, I like to be early adopter. I have been with palm since the Palm profession PDA's
    I used to carry a Palm Tungsten & a cell phone so Palm has come a long way.

    Both phones are nice

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