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    will sprint let you sign up for a data plan with the pre but then a month or so later let you go down to a more basic plan? or do you have to keep the data plan the entire time?

    also, will wifi still work without a data plan?
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    nope. that plan is required to even use the phone.
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    As for policy, no. Sprint will not let you move away from a data plan.

    In fact, doing so would be a terrible idea for a Pre owner. Why? Because there is no way (well, without hacking/rooting) to disable the Pre from trying to access the data network. Even with WiFi on, the Pre uses the data network for certain functions, while the phone is off, or when it cannot geta WiFi signal.

    So, even if Sprint let you (they won't), you wouldn't want to. Doing so would cause you to be surprised by huge data bills.

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