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    This issue just started happening to me on Friday. I called Sprint customer service today because my Pre started losing power while charging, then regains it,then loses it, and so on. I have to turn sound off while it's charging because it will just keep "dinging" (sound it makes when you connect it to the charger). I can see that it keeps dropping power, the lightning bolt appears on the battery icon, then goes away, then comes back. I thought it might be Touchstone, so I charged it with the cable and wall adapter, connected to a computer to just charge, all produce the same issue. I also tried a different microUSB cable that has been working with my Pre. I hard reset it as well, and am still having the issue.

    I called Sprint a little while ago and the rep from Sprint heard it continuously "dinging" in the background while I had it charging. The rep said most likely it's the battery, but she told me that she can't even send out a battery because they don't have Pres in stock and that I need to go to a Sprint store to have them check it out. She said they'll most likely give me a new battery, or have to replace my Pre. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Mine does that on the Touchstone sometimes when it's reached full charge. Annoying! Doesn't happen with the cable.
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    I've just got the cable, and mine works fine. You may have to get it replaced. Good luck!
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    Yes, the touchstone annoyed me no end...I don't even use it anymore because I have had so many issues with having to seat my phone "just right" on it in order for it to charge. The coolness factor wore off really quickly.
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    Mine does this to me with my sprint car charger every once and a while
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    Minejust started haviong this issue a few days ago. It's connected to laptop. I tried to charge it the AC adapter... got the same results. Battery charges then uncharge....

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