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    haha :P I finally got my very own Palm Pre Today. I was able to play the tetris on it for the first time a few mins ago. , Im going to work on it and improve it tonight :P >>> Happy ~!~!

    Im also happy to see that tetris got featured on the homepage, it made me very happy to see how people apreciate our work =) thanx precentral ~

    Expect many updates and new software =)
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    Hey, if you can work on a Bejeweled, that would be great!

    Thanks for your diligence!
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    Congrats man on your Pre! Thanks a ton for your apps too!
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    Awesome! Now you can enjoy your apps anytime you want ^_^. Thanks for the app contributions
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    Glad you got your Pre, keep up the good work!!

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