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    UPDATE FIRST PARAGRAPH - Anyone else going to Pre #3?

    All those who've responded, thank you. I appreciate that things have stayed civil. DO NOT take a new phone for what appears to be software related. Find a tech on the phone or in a store who has experience on the Pre. They're out there. You will need your (bear with me because the letters are mixed up in my head now) MLN/MSL/MLS number and the MSID. There is a series of keystrokes that the tech will have to go through to do a software re-load/master reset. Be warned, you will lose the order of your icons, alarms, sms history, pics, music, video, and your bookmarks. You will not lose items backed up to your Palm profile - to do's, apps, contacts, etc.

    You will only get one NEW replacement out of Sprint - even if it's a lazy dealer who will not help a customer solve a software problem... THAT COMMENT IS FOR YOU BRODY! DUDE YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

    Pre 1 - purchased June 12 from a 3rd party store - nice - won't hang up on a call. We did a soft reset in the store. Still, will not hang up w/o removing the battery. Told, maybe it's because the battery is not 100%! And, that the Touchstone is a power storage device too! :-) Really?! Are you sure, I repeatedly asked... I should have just exercised my better judgment and travelled to the corporate store!

    SO, I spent some time on the phone w/ tech support - who was very friendly but eventually unable to get the phone to hang up either. So, I was instructed to take that one back. Which I promptly did the next day.

    Pre 2 - June 13 - WORKED LIKE A CHAMP until July 11. When it decides to no longer connect to the internet.... 90% of what makes this phone cool is that the stuff you do on the net is accessible on the phone.

    So, I get tech support on, get a trouble ticket created - and have to take the phone to a corporate service location. The corporate store was unable to help on the 12th because the service folks were gone for the day... OK.

    I bring the phone back the next day... am told that they'll likely have to re-flash the phone. So I leave it there. When I get back, I'm told, sorry sir, but this phone will not take the flash... you need a replacement.


    Sorry, sir, but we cannot give you a new phone. We'll have to give you a refurbished phone. It's not a serviceable phone, how're you going to give me a refurb phone?

    The answer? Sir, we'll give you a phone someone else has brought back in! Really? Someone else's problem unit? No, Sir, we check them out to make sure they're ok...

    Problem is, I bought a NEW phone, less than a month ago, had to exchange it the next day because I couldn't make do with removing the battery every time I wanted to hang up the phone! Now, the second phone decides to quit connecting to the network... and now, I have to take a phone that's been in someone else's pocket/purse/wherever with their possibly unwashed fingers all over it... and I'M going to put that thing on MY face?

    I'd rather return the phone, get my money back, and reactivate my Centro... at least I know where that phone's been!

    NOW for the kick in the pants... today is day 30... the 3rd party store has 3 phone numbers listed - none of which receive an answer today at 2:30pm - 4:30pm... so, I called Sprint again, to just let them know, I want to return it, but the store is not answering the phones, and I don't want to leave my Mother's bday party just to find out that they're not open on Sundays... they noted my account.

    AND, just as an aside - Corporate Sprint WILL NOT give you NEW phone #3 unless there are no returned phones available. AND - you might have to wait a few days for it even if there is one available!

    Here's the kick - 3rd party stores - are evidently connected ONLY in branding and devices to Sprint... 3rd party stores will charge you the same $ OR less - yet give you a shorter return window... I JUST READ MY RECEIPT - my return window is 15 F-ING DAYS! Wow! Lesson learned and expensive too!

    So... my only choice is ETF or Purell & #3, here I come? HOW MANY PHONES CAN YOU EXPECT TO GO THROUGH IN TWO YEARS LIKE THIS?


    Sorry, Dude, here try this POS that someone else brought back... and hope fully they didn't leave any of it on the phone!
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    OMG!! This has to be the funniest thread i've read because this same exact thing happened to me, except I had different reasons for returning the phone. I am also on my 3rd Pre, 1st time the speaker was defective (static coming out when it rang or played mp3) 2nd phone that had that krazy oreo sliding effect. This last time I went back and they told me the same thing about the refurbished unit which i think is BS! They also wanted to charge me a $35 fee to exchange! Uh..helloooo idiots, i'm not exchanging for a different model or color..i just want one that works! Store manager wouldn't even come out and they had get their techs come and tell me to either pay the fee or go home! WTF?!Sooooo, i called *2 on my phone and talked to very helpful reps..they credited my account and i ended up getting a brand new phone! I think it's hilarious that they would try to give out "Refurbished Pre's" knowing they are probably gonna have some me, they didn't return them just because they didn't like the phone! Hmmm..Hopefully they will give u a new phone, otherwise, yes, a disinfectant may be necessary, especially after the whole swine flu going around..being a microbiology student, I can't even begin to tell u how dirty cell phones can, good luck buddy!
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    Third party stores are required to accept returns for 30 days...fight that one...but it looks like you're beyond 30 by my math

    A corporate store will not exchange the phone for you once you purchased it from a 3rd party, i.e. they have no obligation to give you a NEW phone for your manufacturer defective phone as Sprint corporate was not your original point of purchase.

    A corporate store may be willing to help with your plight and address the third party store with your issue if you are unable to get the 3rd party store to do the right thing.

    Express your frustration but keep your cool and good luck.
    If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed.
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    For me:

    Pre #1: seemed solid, no slider wobble, screen issues, etc. But the center button stopped working after 2 weeks. Got a swap out no problem.

    Pre #2: HORRIBLE slider wobble, small gap between the halves when slider was closed. Tried exchanging it after a week for a 3rd Pre and they weren't having it. They did not agree that the wobbly slider was an issue, so I just straight up returned it and had my number moved back to my old phone. They insisted on scamming me out of the $35, so I told them to bill my Sprint account so I could *2 them and have them take it off. Called Sprint the next business day, read them the receipt with the message about "different model or color" and got the charge taken off immediately.

    Pre #3: Waited for the money to be credited back to my VISA and then went in best buy and bought this one. No issues at all so far. No slider problems, no screen problems, I'm happy!

    My advice for everyone being told to live with their 2nd Pre even though it has problems, if you're within your first 30 days still, just return it for a refund. They can't stop you from buying a NEW phone again, and if they threaten you with the $35 return fee, just smile, accept it and call *2 to have it taken off. Worked for me!
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    man sucks for all of on my 3rd..each time no questions asked just "what is wrong with it" they dint even test it out or try to fix it (this was at a radio shack) but of course when i bought the pre the dudes were totally cool and i talked to them for an hour about tech junk. and the second return was to a different radio shack because that first location was out and they just checked if i updated but the dud didnt switch the esn's in sprint's system luckily I tested it out there and got it to now pre #3 i tried to return because I got it stuck in an endless restart loops and couldnt get webos doctor to work and that same store said they had one and they would hold it for me so i drove out there (keep in mind the first radio shack was 40 miles from me and i made 2 trips out there and the second one was 30 mles and i made 2 trips out there) and when i got there they said they didnt have any and the one that they saw in the system was the one i returned the night before LOL so i spend 2 hours there waiting for the rep to call every single store in the area and then she tried to dop something in the i left without a new device which is now doing the oreo junk slightly but its no biggie but i ended up getting webos doctor to work so everything is grand and im past my 30 days so no going back muahahahah but now im trying to decide wether to get TEP for the sole purpose of being able to do a in store exchange for defects or getting personal article insurance from my provider..

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