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    So, I just went to send an email, and the message failed to go through, possibly because of server trouble or something, I don't know. What was more troubling to me however, is that after it gives me the error that it failed, if I tap on the notification, all it does is open up the message, which is now in my Outbox. It seems to treat it like a regular message in my inbox. The only buttons are reply, reply all, forward, trash. It doesn't appear to have any option to reattempt sending, and it's been 15 minutes now, so I'm pretty sure it won't automatically resend either.

    Anyone else notice any solution for this?
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    I have the same issue. My notification of a failed to send happens nearly every 30 seconds and its driving me nuts. I've even removed the account. Now I've removed all my email accounts and I'm gonna see if that helps.
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    I have had this happen when in wifi mode and then when i turn off wifi and it reverts to using evdo, it automatically goes.. This has been reproduced a few times on my unit.
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    i get this when i write an email in the subway, but once i get out it it sent.

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    The outbox takes care of e-mails automatically. You do not need to worry about them. If they do not get sent out, then it is most likely because of network issues.
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    Okay thanks for the information. I guess maybe I wasn't patient enough in waiting for it to automatically send or I was still having some sort of connection issue. I ended up deleting it and rewriting it anyway (it was a short message), but good to know it shouldn't be an issue in the future. Thanks again.

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