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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    If the option weren't there, there'd be an uproar.
    very true
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    not only do i keep cards open, i do rearrange them. not often, but i do.
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    I've never used the rearange feature as I never really have that many cards open. I usually close cards when I'm done with them.
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    I do I like to keep them a certain way to make them easier to Full Gesture through.

    I keep several open during the day and if I need Web log-in stuff I'll open S-ID and rearrange it next to the web so I can go back and forth . Normally I have Weather, Mail,Mess,Tweed. It's when I open a link or something tha I have to do the arrange thing to log on.
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    the only time I've rearranged my cards is when I showed an iPhone user I could do it
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    Quote Originally Posted by paumpre View Post
    I place them in sorting mode when I have several open that I want to keep open. I think it looks cool and I can see my background.
    Yea..I always have them on sorting mode for the same reason. I really dont see the point for rearranging them but its a cool "iphone" like feature.
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    never had to rearrange them.
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    i will probably when more apps come out
    but not as of yet no
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    I've never done it.
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    it may seem pointless but its nice to always have the option to do so if you should ever find yourself needing it.
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    I've only done it to show people what you can do with the Pre. It's kind of like a fart app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LACienega View Post
    Yea..I always have them on sorting mode for the same reason. I really dont see the point for rearranging them but its a cool "iphone" like feature.
    What's 'sorting mode'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    I never leave any open, I just close them out when I'm done with them. Or...were you referring to something else?
    Same here. I can't leave many cards open because my battery is dead by mid-day if I do. The 2 cards I'd leave open are email, and messaging. Leaving my chat clients running is a terrible battery drain though.
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    I usually have Email, Messaging, Web (multiple cards at times) and sometimes the dialer. I will re-arrange the cards if I need to constantly go back and forth between 2 of them. I put them next to each other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    What's 'sorting mode'?
    I believe sorting mode is leaving the cards in their tiny state, able to be sorted at will.
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    I multitask a lot so I sort cards in order to reduce time between moving between them, I also don't use advanced gesture I prefer to switch cards in card view. Often times I will be texting back and forth with one or more people while checking my calendar, jotting down notes, maybe running some numbers on the calculator, etc. Most common is the calendar, texting, and note scenario so I'll reorder those cards next to each other with the ones I was using prior to engaging in that scenario at the end. When I'm all done and the pre will go back into the case, or set on the desk, or the apps that are open will not be used for more than 15 minutes I close them out.
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