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    Its the strangest thing: I have one contact in my address book for whom SMS conversations do NOT show up in my SMS application. If I send this person an SMS, then it will show that in a conversation... but when I swipe "back" to get to the main screen that shows the rest of my conversations, it disappears.

    Alternatively, if I receive an SMS from this contact, I do get the audible notification and the visible notification at the bottom of the screen. But if I disregard the notification I won't ever see it in my conversation list (I have a habit of swiping away notifications, so I haven't been able to test whether or not tapping on it will bring me to the full conversation).

    The most ironic aspect of this problem: so far this is only happening with SMS's received from my mother, haha... its almost as if my phone knows that she calls/texts too often. =P
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    So I take it no one else is having this problem? I was really hoping it wasn't an isolated thing, because I'm at a loss for a solution. I Google can't help me soon, I'll probably try hard resetting my phone and restoring from Palm backup.

    The bad thing is that it has recently expanded to other contacts (not just my mother anymore).

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    Ah... apparently I'm NOT the only person facing this problem:

    Hidden Text Messages? - webOS Software - Palm Support Community

    Sadly, there doesn't seem to be an immediate solution. But the forum did show me how to view the conversation (so long as I know the name of the person I'm looking for)... in the conversation list screen, start typing the name of the contact you are looking for, and suddenly it will show up (for any future reader suffering from the problem that might stumble upon this thread).

    Come to think of it: this same problem happens with my email as well (messages that I know are still in my inbox will not show in list view). I love my Pre, but its getting a bit old to deal with all of these bugs.
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    I have had this problem before too. I had to go to Device Info and do a partial erase and it's been good ever since.
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    @clutch107 I'm tempted to try this, but would hate to lose my PimpMyPre app (and therefore my KimPossible notification), haha. But I may have no choice. After all, the second contact that this started to happen with is actually one of the people I talk to most. Argh... I'm torn.
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    Hmm, it looks like the partial erase fixed it. Here's to hoping it sticks, though...
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    I had this same issue and there is a thread in the troubleshooting forum here I believe it is? but a search should find it!

    here is the fix short hand. whenever that happens with a contact and you notice it go to contacts> unlink the main profile> go to messages and type thier name (universal search withing messages main page) delete message> go back to contacts and re-link the contact to the profile u just unlinked and whala you should be back in business..

    I hate having to do that but it happens often with a few ppl I IM on a reg basis. hope that helps cause i never want to have to do a partial erase.
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    I had this a few times. It may be coincidental but since 1.0.4 I haven't seen it. Maybe I just needed the reboot.
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    when it happened to me, when your in the main conversation screen.. you can actually type the contact name.. and it will show up.. and also.. you cant delete the conversation either.. what i had to do is.. i deleted the contact.. and then re-added the contact.. and it worked fine..
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    Just happened to me for the first time yesterday. No rhyme or reason why this person's specific convo didn't show up, but whatever. Thanks to all for possible fixes.
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    i deleted some convo's with friends. since i've done that, they no longer show in the conversation window FU&^ looks like i need to do a partial erase
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    I also have this issue with 2 of my contacts.. I'm wondering since these are the people that I text the most.. Even when I went and deleted all msgs one by one it was at least 4 msg for one contact, and 10 for the other that won't fully delete.. you swipe it and its just a blank.. Until you press and you get option to delete or cancel and delete doe nothing.. Maybe this could have something to do with it.

    But besides the applications and DL them all over again.. What else would I loose with partial reset?

    Contacts? Photoes? Ones I put on Pre through Usb? Downloaded through email? Download through text msgs? Bookmarks? Calender info?
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    Just used dgrobe2112's advice and deleted the contact for each.. Then re-added them from their old msg.. And it worked fine and they both appeared back on Conversation list.. I also finlly deleted all their old msgs just to start from fresh with each one. Thnx for tips
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    it happened to me as well. the other thing i noticed is that i can not send or receive picture mms to these contacts as well. going to do a partial erase and hopefully that fixes it... i have done the update before all of this happened, so that doesnt solve the problem either.
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    So... With the partial reset, what exactly will I be losing?
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    same issue.. Im not doing a partial erase. for now i deleted the contacts and manually replaced them.. this seems to be working for the time being.
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    Had this problem., What I ended up doing was deleting the contact, reentering the contact, then everything popped back up. Really wonky to be sure, but it worked.
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    When I delete a conversation, when it shows back up, all the messages are there again!!! I want them gone! How do I fix this!
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    I have had this problem for weeks now with my fathers contact. I can only find his sms history if I search for it.

    I have tried unlinking his profile. But he has a facebook profile that can't be deleted. The chat history can't be deleted either. I am not going to do a partial erase to fix this only so it can come back.

    There has to be a good solution to fixing this.
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    I just had this problem, and the unlinking fixed it...

    To be clear however... the friend who stopped showing up in the conversations view has three entries in my contacts. One on the palm, one on google, and the third from facebook...

    It started when I deleted a bunch of conversations just to clean things up, including his.

    1. I started by closing Messaging, then unlinking all 3 contact entries.
    2. Started up Messaging, and now there was two conversations with my friend listed. I deleted both of them, and closed Messaging.
    3. Back to Contacts, I re-linked all 3 entries.
    4. Started up Messaging again, and there was a NEW conversation with my friend (the most recent one from today). Deleted that, and closed Messaging.

    Tedious, but give it a try, hopefully it'll work. Not sure if closing Messaging so many times is required, but I prefer the clean start, so as not to confuse the app, since something is already corrupt and this is an attempt to fix it.

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