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    Okay... so I've now given up using iTunes to sync with the pre and have opted for Doubletwist... we'll see how this goes. However, now that I've actually gotten video to sync to the pre correctly, does anyone else notice that we cannot actually DELETE media (video) from the device - we have to use USB mode? This is a huge oversite, when I watch a video, I want to delete it immediately....

    Anyone else?

    Lee Ladisky
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    Ha Ha Ha ... I feel your pain ... 1st off I have NEVER liked iTunes or anything attached to it ... I was just looking to download Double Twist when I came across this post ...2nd thing is that The Pre has made instant satisfaction such a norm that with a flick of the finger ... texts ... emails ... cards ... websites ... etc are gone ... So when I want that vid gone I expect to just flick the sucka away ... lol ... I am not a developer so I am sure it is a tech issue ... Anyway ... I hope someone jumps on that wishlist too.

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