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    And I love it EXCEPT the battery life really is worry some. My 2 biggest complaints are battery life and made a little cheap. I know Seidio has made a battery that is the same size and 20% more has anyone tried that? I am just wishing that the battery would improve. I have read all the tips of wi-fi, doing this and that but does anyone have any luck with the battery improving with time??? Is anyone wishing for an OS update or think it would help? Or is this just something we have to deal with because of Windows OS and Palm? Thanks.

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    If you just got the Pre... first off, Congrats and welcome..
    Second.. battery like will def. improve over the next few days, and if u do some thread searching, there are a few theories why...

    I would hold off on buying the Seidio for now... but instead.. if it comes down to it.. and extra battery and external battery charger might be nice...

    Also 1-2 touchstones would be great... their cool and very functional...
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    I've had my Pre since the 2nd. My battery seem to run down pretty rapidly the 1st day.. So the 2nd night I had it, I totally discharged the the battery and then recharged it again. I read of lot of controversy on this proceedure on this Forum, but that's what I did!
    I have noticed over the last week that the Battery is doing great. I have turned off WiFi and Bluetooth, but I am on the phone and Web a lot. I would say that I have been on the Web (Evdo and 1X) almost 4 hours this morning and 3 telecons) and my Battery is still at 72%. Spending all the time setting up Boolkmarks., etc. A little tough on entering Log in and Pass works on the small screen, but it's only a one time deal.

    I was thinking about buying one of those Dual Fuel Tanks, last week, but I don't think I will need anything like that. Just a spare Battery for occasional use and a 9V battery adapter, like I had for my Centro, for my frequent Travel.

    Good Luck!
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    Where can I look into those duel fuel tanks or the 9V battery adapter. I must be behind in accessories. I can't believe you get that much life out of your battery. It seems like I make 30 minutes of phone calls, couple texts, and 1 or 2 emails and my battery needs to be charged twice a day!!
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    You should wait a week or so and go through several charge/discharge cycles. Although Li-ion batteries are supposed to be kept topped up, it seems that when they are new, several charge/discharge cycles are necessary to get things sorted out with battery and charging circuit. Let's know how you get on?
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    Fuel Tanks are available on the Palm Store and, I am told at Best Buy. I think Palm want about $70 and BB about $50.

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