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    Sorry to hear about your loss
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    I can't wait to get it all set up. I remember when I first bought my Pre, I kept on thinking about the features my Centro had that the Pre doesn't (emoticons, fwd txt messages, ebooks, etc)...but I tell ya, despite those minor limitations, I really hated using the Centro waiting for my Pre. It just felt so old...browsing, managing my appts, and no GPS.

    My experience with Assurion was ok. I didn't like that I had to complete the affadavit and fax it in prior to them even processing my complaint. I felt that was a hassle, especially since I didn't have ready access to a fax machine that particular day. But I am pleased that my phone arrived earlier than expected and the customer service reps were decent.

    So, thanks again for all the support and advice from you all while waiting for my new baby to arrive.
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