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    I just got my pre, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to stop the thing from displaying the mobile versions of webpages. Some pages (wikipedia is one) have a link to display the normal page, but how do you force the phone to show the real versions of web pages that do not feature such a link?
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    if you are at the top of the page and swipe down(swipe the page it self, not the black section above it) it pulls up the address bar, i suppose you could change it from there maybe.
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    Simple, bookmark googles home page, make sure you hit classic mode, not mobile before you bookmark it. Now do all your searches from there, should solve your problems.
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    Mine never goes mobile unless I put in a mobile specific address...
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    I find if I am stuck on the mobile version of a page, I clear history and cache and retype the address.
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    what pages are you talking about?

    i would rather go to mobile site, but 97% of the time om taken to the regular site.
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    Hmm... it depends for me. Mine goes to it sometimes, but other times it gives me the option to goto the real site, not the mobile.
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    This is not something the Pre really has much control over. It's up to the website to offer mobile or otherwise. In order for them to automatically give you a mobile page, they have to specifically write their website to detect the Pre's web browser and display a different page for it.
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    I remember when I was beta testing Skyfire on my WinMo, it had an option to show up as a mobile device or desktop and you could then reload the page accordingly. There is a browser ID that tells the sight what content to serve up. Not a high priority, but a nice feature none the less.
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    going through google classic fixed the problem. The specific one that I wanted and was having problems with was, the cardinals website.
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    You don't have to force the pre to display the mobile version. All you have to do is on the address bar, just remove the X from the address bar, and it will display in full version.
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    When I go to '' it redirects to Google Classic also redirects to the mobile version.

    If you delete the wap, it still redirects you to the mobile site (which isn't up apparently)
    Luckily there is a link that takes you to '', but not all sites have such links.

    I agree with gigaorg that a nice feature would be to control this setting on the browser.
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    Withou the ability to change the identifier on the Pre browser or a Option on the site there is no other way currently.
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    I have that problem with going to MLB teams websites. Even with saving it as a the regular site in the bookmark section it still redirects to the mobile.

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