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    Well, after 2 weeks I need a replacement Pre. After about a week of use, the phone would only roam and never connect to the Sprint network. I tried messing with the preferences to disable roaming, no luck.

    A trip to the Sprint repair center, 2 hours later, the handset was determined to be defective. The phone would not even connect to the Sprint network in the store! Since the phone falls under a corporate account for my work, they couldn't replace it right then and there, so now I have to work through our enterprise rep and get it replaced.

    What a bummer this is. At least I can still get calls, but they're coming through the Verizon network via roaming!

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    Dang. Sorry to hear that. You'll probably get a phone call from Sprint soon telling you that you're roaming too much. Try not to yell at them too loudly!

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