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    Palm who's strength has always been their calendar has really missed something with the Pre interface, day of the week when changing an item. For example lets say you have an event on Monday and it gets re scheduled for next Thursday, well I don't have the date associated with every day of the week memorized. Ahh is next Thursday the 11th or the 13th? Well I don't know bc the event won't show me unless I back out of the event and go to the week or month view. Palm you gotta fix this.

    Also Palm missed another item with the scheduling. When you are adding a event that will last 2 hours for example, the begin time and end time do not fit on the screen. You have to flick down to pick the end time. Come on that's a total wasted un needed motion by the user. Palm you gotta fix that to.
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    I agree with the calendar date selection. They really need to implement a different mechanism--preferably, just let us select from a calendar.
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    i'm starting to see more people complain about the calendar app. this is a big issue for me. it is very frustrating. Palm definitely needs to fix this issue. Someone should sticky this post.
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    Yeah I'm hoping this become obvious. I'm waiting from an update any day now that fixes this. I'm just surprised it can from Palm. I have had a Palm phone since 2001. The calendar is the base of the whole thing. I've never had a complaint with there calendar versions over the years. But it is something that is fixable. Here's hoping it's soon.
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    Ditto here. Totally lame interface!
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    Very frustrating transition from past Palm devices that were so strong in the calendar area.

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