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    Hey all,

    First I'd like to introduce myself, as I've been lurking around both and these forums for quite a long time now but never really decided to take the plunge and join, until now. I've been a long time tech/PDA/smartphone (the first of which was a Palm m100) and currently am using a Windows Mobile Palm Treo 800w which despite a lot of negative press...I've found mine to be relatively bug free and am more than content with what I use it for. But being the tech nerd I am the Pre has definitely caught my attention since announced early this year with it's innovation and new operating system and stellar reviews so I've been at various sprint stores numerous times demoing their pres (and not just the ones attached to a security cable) as well as most recently borrowing my friends for a full day.

    I'd like to say that right off the bat it is MY OPINION that the hardware of this device is a lot better than I expected after reading some negative reviews about it which I feel are exaggerated and some issues I've read about are just plain silly. The form factor is AMAZING as stated millions of times already in this forum, there is no other phone on the market at this moment that feels as great in the hand...especially with the touchstone back my friend's has. Out of the 4 different pres I've played with the hardware feels very solid, not as solid as the tank-like Treos, but very solid nonetheless especially for a slider. No 'oreo twisting', barely any 'give' between the slide out qwerty and screen portion, and the bottom lip which was supposedly a little sharp is just ridiculous (at least in the ones I've used) and to me it doesn't feel cheap like some of the reviews had claimed. Coming from a Treo keyboard this keyboard gave me no real problems and shouldn't be hard to adjust to, I was typing quickly and accurately the very first time I used a autocorrect or suggestion feature would be nice though. I was never a fan of the iPhone's on-screen software keyboard which I use on my girlfriend's all the time (both portrait AND landscape) and no matter how much I use it or how much better I get, a hardware keyboard is a must-have for me. It would be nice to see an onscreen keyboard as an option however for quick notes or typing in URLs in landscape. The screen is vibrant and bright and is hands down the best display I've seen on any PDA or smartphone, even edging out the iPhone and iTouch slightly...everything is crystal clear from webpage content and fonts to pictures and videos. The speaker is great too, but coming from an 800w that's not saying much. Just the way this phone feels so organic and not like some unnatural feeling piece of tech like my Treo is impressive and attractive. No hardware quality issues from my observations.

    It's what is inside this polished riverstone that truly impressed me. I haven't actually said "Wow" about a phone since messing around with my girlfriend's iPhone when she got the 3G. WebOS which is still 1.X is impressive. The cards system is the ultimate task manager in the mobile/smartphone world today IMO. The way I could work and play on so many different things at once was far superior to the multitasking and task management on windows mobile ...and a lot faster with less steps. A couple applications took a second or two to load but beat the pants off of Windows Mobile 6.1 and once loaded switching from card to card is instantaneous. Coming from a Treo user, the quick launch wave was nice to see as I use the one touch buttons on my treo to access my e-mail and calendar easily and it's great I can still access these "buttons" in any application with an easy gesture and the fact that it is customizable is a plus. I could go on and on about the cards system but anything I say has already been said numerous times but in short: it works VERY well, it's FUN to use(closing apps by flicking it off the screen is great!), and intuitive. The notifications are just truly unobtrusive and that was one of my biggest gripes about windows mobile with their notifications system. Since I borrowed my friends phone I cannot comment too in depth about how well synergy works with merging my contacts but in theory it's revolutionary and my friend said it's worked "perfectly" for him with no issues. "Universal search" is great and makes finding applications and contacts so easy...I can certainly see myself using this feature all the time so I don't have to resort to scrolling through menus. I google and wikipedia dozens of times a day so it's nice to see those incorporated into it.

    Oops almost forgot about the camera, while I never get my hopes up about a phone camera I was impressed by the built- in 3 MP camera, quality, although not anything like my Canon SD630, was GOOD for a phone camera and is nice to have a decent camera to take quality pics while I'm out or on the go, without having to worry about carrying around another device. The capacitive screen was accurate and multi touch for web browsing works just as well as the iPhone for panning and zooming into webpage content. The accelerometer, which was disappointing it only works for certain apps, was lighting fast and responsive and I prefer viewing webpages in landscape. Sprint service where I am is EXCELLENT so EVDO rev A speeds are great and the built in web browser in my opinion rendered pages way faster and more accurately than webpages on any other browser I've used including Skyfire and Safari(though some pages render more accurately on safari but nothing that had an impact on web browsing experience). Content on feature rich pages loaded noticably quicker on WiFi.

    While I don't have time to talk about all the pre-loaded apps (I won't even get into the app store or 3rd party apps until after I own one) I'll talk about a couple. the YouTube app is alright, a little subpar compared to other youtube apps in features but the quality is just OUTSTANDING, blows away my treo's YouTube app ten-fold in brightness, video quality, color, and sound. Google Maps was disappointing and hopefully they update it to render street view which I use frequently. But still, it does what it was designed to do well it just isn't as feature rich as some other platform versions.

    This IS a phone, right? So I'll offer my thoughts for the Pre as a phone. Voice quality and speaker quality are very very clear and not distorted, another gripe about my 800w is sub par call quality and a terrible will be nice to upgrade to the pre for none other reason than a better PHONE. I wasn't a fan of the ugly green dialer and hope you can customize that in a future update. Overall I feel the Pre is a beautiful and solid piece of hardware, with a new and unique operating system, with everything I could personally ask for in a smartphone device, (and can also help me eliminate some other devices I always carry around like my iPod and digital camera) . I'm excited to get my hands on my own in the coming days!
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    Nicely written - thanks for putting in the time!
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    Awsome Post, very well writtin. TY m8

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