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    On Windows mobile Google Maps you could add any business as a contact instantly to include name/address/url/phone etc.

    The Pre Google Maps App cannot do this.. or not that i could figure out. I find i have to tap the # and then save as a contact. I can't believe this feature is missing, I hope Google updates the APP ASAP
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    That is a good idea. The iPhone doesn't even have that.
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    You can save any business as a contact that is registered with yellow pages via the 'Where' application
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    Try that MAY help as I know it allows you to select a destination based on the address of a contact on the phone - I find that quite cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nhyde View Post
    That is a good idea. The iPhone doesn't even have that.
    Wrong. Google maps on iPhone can do it.
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    You can also do this on the T-Mobile G1.
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    One of my early rants. Such a "basic" thing to be missing.
    Where often misses what I'm looking for. I really miss Live, now bing(!?), on Windows "Mobile".
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    May seem bass-ackwards, but the Where app can do it. And it does it well.
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    This version of google maps is simular to what winmo had a year ago.I would be willing to bet this ap was submitted when the phone first started coming together. Google will be pushinh for an update very shortly.
    My treo 750 had street view also and a feature that show my google friends where I was.
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    My Nokia E61 has street view and friend's locations (latitude) too. I can save locations also. It still doesn't tie into my saved maps on Google's server though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyrihn View Post
    May seem bass-ackwards, but the Where app can do it. And it does it well.
    It can, but for some mysterious reason it doesn't sort businesses by proximity. I can stand in the city somewhere, search for a venue by keyword, and get results from across town.
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    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't appear as if you can get public transportation directions in the Pre's Google Maps App; this feature is available in the WinMO app, and I can't understand why it isn't included in the Pre version. It's extraordinarily helpful on the go.

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