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    Does anyone know if there is any way I can take these mp3's and save them or if they are only playable through the text message received from?
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    Not on the phone itself but it may be under attachments or a different folder in your phones drive accessible through your computer.
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    I've d/load through email. It won't work through txt. I've tried email 2 txt.
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    On my rooted Pre, I moved them from the attachments folder to the normal folder, but you do need to know a little bit of Unix to do that, and, of course, have a rooted Pre.
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    Only way I have done this is go into usb mode and manually pull the mp3 or video from the text folder. Kinda silly Like other parts of the phone text messaging is missing a bunch of simple features that every text messaging app should have. I am sure it will be resolved to save directly from the phone soon
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    bump. no direct save options yet?

    I'm specifically trying to save a text video.

    i searched and did not find.

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