Hey everyone,

I just wanted to chime in and let people know how it's all going. It might help people decide or read through some of the "bad" going around and see some of the good.

I picked up my Pre a week ago today, on a Saturday at 4pm at a corporate store. They had plenty in stock, and the CSR let me go through 4 brand new boxes to find the exact Pre I wanted. Great job there! Secondly, I am a member of a Credit Union, I will get a discount for that after 45 days. The CSR also said he would refund me my Activation Fee after 45 days also as I had to pay the cost of switching from AT&T. I still had a year on my contract, but I am a bit of an early adopter, and I felt it was worth the switch due to the lesser cost of the plan compared to AT&T's, and I really did want the Pre.

I originally had issues with the battery being extremely short, dropping 20% an hour or more. I was really worried about it, but it has in fact gotten much better. Yesterday I made it through the whole work day with 60% left, that's 9 hours of work and I am in almost a zero signal location. What REALLY seemed to help is I decided to switch WIFI on and connect to our work network. That made a HUGE difference. I lose maybe 5% an hour now instead of 20%.

I really do hope new apps are going to be released soon, it's way more annoying than I had first anticipated, I use the phone much more than my Blackberry Bold I had. I "dealt" with the lack of apps because it had enough built in and the screen was small, so I didn't use it for internet or anything much. Just email. But the Pre is built, as the iPhone is for internet and media... Get on with it already

I went onto the Sprint website this morning and chatted support, super easy, easy to do at work, and didn't interfere with what I was doing. I told the CSR that I was told I would get the activation fee refunded when I purchased the phone and it wasn't reflected as such on my bill, the CSR took 4 minutes to look up the info, and promptly removed the fee from my First bill, so instead of $120 for my first bill, it's around 80. I am VERY happy with how fast that was taken care of.

Service is surprisingly good from everything I've heard. I heard horror stories. I am near Portland Oregon, and service outside my work building is 4-5 bars at all times. I read once from another user here that said even with only one bar, call quality is great and he didn't drop calls. I can attest to this. I have one bar at work in the basement, and I took a call the other day, and it sounded like my Bold did with 5 bars. I was truly surprised. I was waiting for the call to drop, but it never did.

I also read that someone said adding the Matte touchstone back to the phone really adds to the quality feel and durability of our phones. I can also attest to this. It adds a little weight, the plastic feel goes away, and it feels very firm and quality in the hand after I added the Matte back.

Besides that, the phone has been pretty stable, I lose web browser internet once a day or so and have to reboot, but internet still works on the phone. It's strange. Hopefully it will be fixed with the next update.

I'm really happy overall. I love my phone, I am glad I went with the Pre instead of upgrading to the 3GS. I loved my iPhones, but I can say that this is a great little phone, the service is good, ironically support has been great from sprint, and the hardware keyboard plus the touchscreen, plus multitasking is fab. Now on with the apps!