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    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    I am NOT receiving the verification from google calendars
    Sprint sometimes has short codes turned off. Call them and make sure they are turned on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    is there a charge for this service?
    There is no charge, Google rules!!!!!
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    Known about this feature for awhile and surprised that not more people know about this. Also, if anyone uses Evernote, the quickest way to store a note is through email. Put your customized Evernote email in your contacts and name that contact "Evernote". The next time you want to submit a note without opening up (and waiting for the app to load) the Evernote App, just slide ur screen up, type in "Ever..." and the contact will pop up and voila. Email ur note away. You can also attach pics to your email and it'll send it to Evernote. No need to load the app. Too cumbersome.

    Quote Originally Posted by jrfougere View Post
    One of the great things about the Pre being able to sync with Google Calendar is that you can fully utilize all of Google Calendar's SMS features.

    For example, if you're annoyed by all the steps it takes to add an event on the Pre's calendar (especially for events with strange durations/start dates such as 7:15pm-8:34pm next Wednesday), you can just send an SMS to Google Calendar at 48368. Google calendar is pretty smart at creating events so you can even just type in "Dinner with Sarah 7:15pm-8:34pm next Wednesday" and it will create an event for next Wednesday at the correct time. You don't even need to type in the :'s either.

    This is also good for making quick tasks. Because the Pre's task program is pretty basic (cannot set task due dates for specific times, just days), I've resorted to making calendar appointments which last 0 minutes to mimic a task reminder. This is a lot easier to do using SMS than creating the event using the Pre's calendar.

    Before you can send text messages to google calendar you will need to set up your cell phone by going to google calendar on your computer, clicking on Settings, then Mobile Settings.
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    You can e-mail almost any photo website or blog with picture attached to upload to website.

    I upload pre photos to My Fotki Account by e-mailaing tyhe Webpage witha secret word in the e-mail that would tell it where to upload the photo.
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    Great tip! I SMSed about 2 hours ago, Google updated very quickly, but Pre did not. I did "Sync account" from calendar, but still no update on Pre. Any ideas?
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    I had to delete my phone number and re-enter./re-request verification code.
    Now it works Question..

    is there a way to tell Google which calendar to put Event on . for example I have 3 calendars in my google calendars 2 that i use on the Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    I am NOT receiving the verification from google calendars
    I am also no longer receiving confirmation of sms-created events, although they are created. I used to receive them, so not sure what happened. Anyone still receiving them?
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