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    www afashionshooter. com/2009/07/10/which-phone/

    which phone? - a fashion shooter
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    Good read, thanks for posting it.
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    The photographer points out what makes this phone so good:

    "...the ability to flip between open apps really makes a huge difference, and gives you more of a desktop computer experience and less of a “I am limping along on my cell phone” experience."

    Good find!!
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    Yep, good read ;-)
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    Nice read, but that white text on black background KILLED my eyes! holy crap!
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    It is a good read, but what many of us have already figured out. Thanks for pointing us to the central case someone needs the evidence. This phone is awesome.
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    Awesome article! I thought are Palm put allot into webOS but not enough into the actual hardware Phone 'Pre'.

    Doug30 I know! That really messed my eyes up! 2 minutes later and it finally gone!
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