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    Just got my bill..well was going too add insurance on the website and saw that the bill was i go through it and see 2x "Device Upgrade Activation Fee" for $18 each im assuming is for the 2 pres i im calling sprint tomorrow..hope we all dont get screwed on this one..anyone else get these on their bill and get it resolved? Also I realized that you haver to add TEP within 30 days of activation..well its past 30 days when i became a new customer but not 30 before i activated the last pre which was on the 19th of june..any insight into this one as well?
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    LOL welcome to Sprint
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    ohhh they better refund that 36 bux..ill make em! haha
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    no worries, Sprint screws up bills like there's no tomorrow, but when it comes to making it up, they're awesome! Looked at my bill the other day and my bill was $239!! yea, I bought 2 Pres and yea, the bill should've been $36 more than normal, but our new bill even with the new Simply everything plan and 25% discount shouldn't be more than $130 or so. Took me awhile to sort through the ridiculous list of charges and discounts, but finally i figured out that they 1) charged me 3 times for activation fees, 2) added an extra $10 fee for the 6pm nights and weekends were supposed to get free, and 3) prorated a portion of my old bill (before we got the Pres) then never prorated our new portion of the bill! It was a lot of mistakes, but in the end, they removed not only the extra charges, but they gave me some extra credit for the mistakes AND removed ALL 3 activation fees. Yea I'll never understand why sprint can't get these things right, but they can always make things right for me and keep a very happy customer.
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    2 questions..howd you get 25% off and howd you get 6pm n/w for free? yah i read alot about how bad sprint screws bills up..maybe i can get some goodies for this mishap like you did..
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    I got this charge I think 18 something for one pre. On the bill though it immediately -18 it out right after it listed the charge..

    Device Upgrade Activation Fee $18.00
    Device Upgrade Activation Cr -$18.00

    Somehow I got charged twice on the protection plan. Gonna call them about that.

    update: They told me they charged me for june. The bills are a month in advance. I didn't realize that.
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    Sprint has always charged an activation fee for putting a new phone on there system. At one point a long time ago it could be as high as $65. Its listed on the paperwork you signed and the reps tell you about it although its easy to not realize what they said.

    Now, that being said, I have never paid it. Usually a nice call to sprint will get that taken off. In fact there is another thread that has discussed this issue. Do a search and you will see that everybody that has called in and nicely asked has had it removed. THIS time I did not have to call as it was credited on my bill automatically. I suspect it is a function of the premire customer thing.

    Anyway do a search and find the other thread and you will find how others have had the charge removed.
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    I'm a premier customer and I was still charged the $18 for some reason. I called them, within 5 minutes, there was a $18 credit on my account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schnoid View Post
    ..I'll never understand why sprint can't get these things right...
    These "mistakes" are by design and they are not limited to Sprint only. In fact, they are not limited to the telecom sector.

    This is a strategy employed by many companies. They make their charges as complex and convoluted as possible so that it becomes very difficult to understand what your bill should be.

    Have you called your cable or DSL provider to renew your "deal" lately? They have so many "packages" and "choices" it makes it very difficult to compare to another company's convoluted "packages" and "choices".

    Every company I have worked for employs this strategy. Make the compensation for goods and/or services so complex it makes it impossible (or very difficult) for the customer to understand and question whether his/her bill is correct.

    You just have to keep asking questions and asserting your rights until the bastards give you what you want or walk away. Good luck talking to Sprint. I think you will get your refund.
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    Just got off chat with sprint. I told them if I ordered the pre online, the upgrade fee is automatically waived. Since it was not offered online and we were forced to buy in store, I should not be charged 18 each for my 2 pre's. He agreed, apologized and took off the 36.00. Just call or chat. Takes 5 minutes. Sprint is usually very good about this.
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    Yeah these are not mistakes in your bill. Almost every company I've dealt with lately have some sort of activation fee's. My dsl had a $35 fee just for upgrading my current package. Sprint has always had an activation fee and now are calling it a upgrade fee if you are already a current customer.
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    Sprint salesperson told me it would be credited back on bill, and it was! May be a store issue, not Sprint in general.
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    This sucks, I wonder if you guys just got unlucky with stupid Sprint reps? I've replaced my Pre twice, and I didn't even get a charged when I first upgraded to my Pre from my Centro.
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    Just call Sprint and they will remove the fee. I have had the $18 upgrade fee removed three times, just by calling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapara View Post
    LOL welcome to Sprint
    hahaha, they charged me for the Airave so I called retensions and had the charge waived in 2 minutes .
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    Sprint is NOTORIOUS for messed up billing.

    I have a $250 bill this month from a month ago when I returned a Blackberry and it ****ed my whole billing up, Supposedly this month my bill is supposed to be -96.65

    IDK but Im tired of it. This has been going on for years.

    Ill have to call when I get the bill with the $18 charge on it when I receive the pre bill
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    ok i was pretty confident when i called that there would be no problems after reading all the replies..after waiting 15 mins on hold i explain to the rep that ive replaced my pre 2 times and im on my 3rd pre which is defective but am past my 30 days and he says that its juts policy and he cant help me have them im like..are you kidding? (not really lol) but i explain that the first activation at signup was waived and now i get 2 replacement devices activated which was because they were your telling me that i have to pay because you provided me with defective devices..i think he says "heres what I can do..i can waive ONE of the fees" so i right away tell him i need to speak with a im on hold for another 5 mins and he comes back and says.." ok i did it" and i say "did what?" and he says "i did it..i got them waived..but i just want to let you know i really had to wheel and deel my manager" i was like oh give me a break lol and said thanks bye. Wow sprint is a joke.. seriously the only thing they have going is the pre..they cant even do data/voice simoultaneously and ive had that with att for the past 3 years with hsdpa..
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    When I received my 1st monster bill from Sprint: needless to say I did expect it to be higher, however there were some sneaky charges on there that should not have been.

    1) that ridiculous $18.00 new device fee WTF I have been a Sprint customer for more than 10 years.

    2) I have a separate line on the account for my wife, she did NOT upgrade her phone, however since her phone was under my previous shared plan on my Treo I had to Change to new plan. Well Sprint decided they would try to sneak in another $18.00 "new Device charge" so Now i am enraged.

    Then on top of that they charged me for my text messages I have always had unlimited text on my plan.

    So I take a few breaths and decide to call Sprint. Over the years as a Sprint Customer I know how to deal with them. The first thing I brought to their attention was that i was in fact on a month to month status and I will "walk if my problems are not taken care of to my satisfaction" I requested a "customer retention associate" I was immediatly transfered to a supervisor I then asked again for a Customer retention rep." after being on hold for 8 min. I was transferred.

    I proceed to tell the rep that I was not happy with the sneaky charges and ridiculous $18.00 fees I calculated how much money I had spent with sprint over the past 10 years it was over 12K ( Needless to say that was shocking to me!) I told him that I was ready to walk and have time to return the phone and go to another carrier. He apologized and agreed to wave one of the "new Device Fees" I told him "Not Good enough"! after discussing with him calmly I was very polite as was he I convinced him to wave the $18.00 on my phone too,in addition he added a bonus 150 minutes + Unlimited Text plan to my wife's 39.99 ( 450 anytime Talk plan) .

    So after negotiating I was able to get the 36.00 in activation fees, plus the 9.00 in unjustly charged text fees removed, On top of all that The rep added an additional 150 minutes + unlimited Text to my wife's 39.99 450min. talk only plan.

    My point.

    Do Not accept an activation charge if you are a current existing customer. Negotiate. Ask for Customer Retention rep or simply say you plan on canceling...

    It has worked for me in the past with Sprint and worked again today.
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    This is weird. Where on your bill does it show this? Mine again doesn't have it, I checked again to make sure. :\

    It seems that it depends on the rep in the store, the rep that you get when you call, and how stupid they are.

    @paz00kie - I believe that is a Pre only limitation with data and voice at the same time. I don't recall this on my Treo's, Centro, or even my MotoQ(Yeah I got one of those, what a mistake!).
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    I haven't received my 1st bill after the Pre upgrade yet, but the Sprint guy at the store told me the $18 was an FCC fee, not a Sprint fee.
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