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    Today I received a phone call telling me that my Pre's ESN number was accidentally manufactured as a duplicate with someone else's and that I need to exchange it via mail for a new one. Perhaps this explains the restart/log-in messages I've been getting almost daily for the past month, although lately they have skipped a few days. I'm wondering how many others received this communication from a Palm support representative. I convinced her to send it overnight rather than the usual 5 business days, but am annoyed to realize I need to back up via computer all my files-- not through the account backup automatically. Once I return my orignal Pre after activating the new one, I will receive a Touchstone apparently as a consolation for the trouble. Any one else experience this scenario?
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    Make sure you back up EVERYTHING, and maybe even take it to a Sprint store and have them move your contacts over (if you aren't able to use the online profile thing).

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