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    Quote Originally Posted by eharty View Post
    I tried Classic and Datebk6 on the Pre for a few days and there were too many issues for me. Alarms were not reliable and the snooze alarm did not work at all. I also found it a bit of a challenge to hit the small boxes using a finger rather than a stylus. You can zoom to make it easier but after a few days I just found the whole thing a PITA.
    I agree 100%. I was a die hard datebk user, immediately bought classic so I could keep using it and found it was close to useless. I used classic a couple of times to dig out old data and that is it. Using datebk without the accuracy of a stylus is nuts. I gave up within a couple days. I needed to switch to Pre for work reasons, and I love the GPS stuff too much to switch back. So I just have to remember fondly datebk but that time for me is gone. I still miss the features every day, but slowly patches and workarounds are helping.
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    I am a former datebk6 user, however I was by no means a power db6 user. Those that are, you guys are totally too OCD about your calendar. I say this as a fellow db6 user with love. You will forever be disappointed with any other calendaring system because no one uses a calendar to micromanage themselves the way you do.

    That being said, stick with it if you must, but I'd seriously urge you to simplify your calendar needs. Yes, the calendar in WebOS still could use some work, but it holds appointments, does multiple calendars, will do alarms. What MORE do you -really- need? The answer is: You don't really. Datebk6 power users got addicted to all the fancy detailed and complicated stuff you could do. There almost certainly will never be another calendar app like it on a mobile device for the forseeable future. Need to let it go guys.
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    I wasn't a power DateBk user -- never upgraded to version 6, as version 5 did everything I needed (I started as far back as version 3 or farther?).

    I miss the little stuff like the ease of making a new appt by copying a current one and changing the date WITH A NON-WORTHLESS DATE PICKER! ok, it looks like I have some unexplored feelings there....

    I don't think you need to be OCD to miss the functionality and ease of use of DateBk (though I'm sure it helps), but if you spent any time on Pimlico's forums you'll agree that's a hard act to follow.

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    glad to hear that others are also wondering what happened to the calendar app and even worse todos...

    Coming from ShadowPlan+DateBk6 I was really surprised how limited the calendar and todos are on the Pre.

    On the other hand its an amazing device...

    Maybe we can just write a small list and throw some money in the hat and someone will built something:

    I would like to see:

    - (multiple) categories
    - todo templates (like in DateBk6)
    - different views (based on categories or urgency)
    - creating todos/appointments from emails (like in AgendusMail)
    - optimized display so that todos and appointments can be seen at the same time (split screen feature in DateBk)
    - Use of Icons or at least different (background/foreground) colors
    - link to addressbook entrys from an calendar entry
    - floating tasks (DateBk), thats a todo that is associated to a (period of) time
    - converting todos <-> floating todos

    Since my workflow is based on DateBk6 I would pay 100 Eur in order to get a real calendar and Todo App.

    To summarize: ShadowPlan + DateBk6 Please :-)

    - Philu
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    I badly miss the Floating feature of Datebook6. I would pay money just to have that one item on my Pre calendar. Such is life.
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    I was a long time DateBk user, but I eventually switched to Agendus because of the matrix todo lists. The mediocre WebOS calendar I can deal with, but the Tasks app is downright horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leathal View Post
    I was a long time DateBk user, but I eventually switched to Agendus because of the matrix todo lists. The mediocre WebOS calendar I can deal with, but the Tasks app is downright horrible.
    I'll second that!
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    I too am a long-time datebk user 3,4,5 & 6 who has migrated to the Pre. I had very little trouble because I was already syncing my multiple categories to separate google calendars. This was so I could have the same colours for my calendars on the Palm TC, Google Calendar, iCal on my Mac and now, of course, my Pre.

    What do I miss? Not icons, surprisingly, I find the no-icon look to be much cleaner. I do miss floating events, and I echo the tasks are terrible sentiment above. Templates for events would be nice, and views with quick switch might be nice, but not essential.

    For me, being able to set my calendar colours and having a week overview, were two killer things that stopped me dead from getting an iPhone. I find the Pre quite useable, although, of course, I would like day switching to be faster.

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    I'm still hauling around a Palm TX just to manage Tasks. Please someone develop a decent Task Manager so I can get down to one device! And I would love to have a month view calendar with icons for events. And I need to be able to sync notes from Outlook.

    I love my Pre but I'm disappointed that it is not more of a business device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpdnc View Post
    Same here. I ignored all the phone launches of the last several years, including the iphone and palm windows because I've been waiting for THE successor to the PalmOS platform that would allow seamless integration of my several years of DatebookPlus entries. I really counted on the Pre being IT.
    When the Pre finally lured me away, I was really shocked at just how much I rely on DatebookPlus, the PalmOS 'Find' feature, long battery life, copy/paste from emails and websites, local sync, memos, tasks, and so on.
    In this case, I guess I can truly say, "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." I had to go "back" to a 755p, but, funny thing, when I went 'back" it didn't feel backwards at all.
    For my current needs, DatebookPlus and the PalmOs are more advanced than the Pre.
    But, I'm still holding out hope that Palm will get its act together and make a "palm-friendly" palm device.
    I went back to my old Treo 700P as well.. it's called Classic and runs faster than my 700P ever did. So now I have a 700P AND a Pre with superior web browsing, wireless syncing and push email.
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    After 29 days into my 30-day Pre ownership I just joined the Treo-Pre Club TODAY. I was about to return the stupid thing and, as a last resort, decided to spend the bucks on Motion Apps Classic to see if I could make the Pre work for me.
    Lo and Behold! For the first time in a month I can see that I might like this PRE thing after all! As a Datebook6 vehicle at least.
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    I'm not sure if this link has been posted yet:
    Pimlico Software
    Just call me Berd.
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    I miss the Datebk functionality, or more precisely the lack of a proper weekview.

    But don't forget, that the calendar under palm os is just as basic as the web os one. It took a 3rd party to fix it and I'm sure that will happen with web os too. It's a problem at the moment because developers can't get access to the web os calendar database. I'm guessing that will change and then we will have the best of both worlds.
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    ive used pre with classic and datebk6p since pre was introduced. datebk6p should not be certified as it simply does not work. as noted the alarms are buggy and unreliable.
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    Can I run Databk6 in Classic and sync it directly with Outlook using PocketMirror for PalmOS?

    I want monthly view with icons and templates to add canned events.

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