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    Quote Originally Posted by msc1 View Post
    I'm currently trying to figure out GTD on the pre.

    One thing that would be nice is a Toodledo app for the Pre. The web version isn't bad though.

    Evernote, despite its flaws, is still the best way to keep notes.
    Done! is a great Toodledo app for the Pre. I have found it and Toodledo to be the best GTD task manager for me.
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    @OnePalmAddict @msc

    Im using Done! as a Toodledo-client since its been early beta and rely on it every day.

    Works perfect for me.


    P.S.: While at it you should check Brians "Noted" too (a simplenote-client).
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    @gmaugie007 I'm a Nirvana fan also. Yes @madnificent, it is only available as a web version on WebOS - no word of when an API or native app will be out yet - but that has worked for me so far. Until the latest update - N2 Build 215. Now I just get a blank screen when I browse to from my Palm Pre+ running WebOS 1.4.5.

    Any other Nirvana on WebOS users seeing this?

    (See also webOS / Nirvana Mobile / Discussion Area - Nirvana Support)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    I'm hoping Google releases an API for Google Tasks soon.
    Its out now: Getting Organized with the Tasks API - Google Apps Developer Blog

    I haven't had a chance to take a close look at it yet but I hope it starts getting some use in multiple apps soon.
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    Google Tasks is okay for what it is, but the task model is very simple -- just tasks in lists, with no subtasks. It integrates with other Google apps, but it's no more sophisticated than the built in Tasks app.

    FWIW, Outline Tracker has added a number of features since the discussions and reviews last year: Outline Tracker Support
    (I am the developer.)
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    Count me in with the Done! users. I like it a lot for GTD purposes.

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