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    And Holy Smokes!!
    The level of quality in the ones that just arrived at Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan is worlds above my last one.

    Both were "yellow boxes", but this build is immediately more stable.

    You know what I'm talking about.
    Next to no wobble, snappy firm keyboard release/return, perfect pixels.

    The sales assoc. at Best Buy was perhaps the best CSR I've ever dealt with. He took one look at my last model and swapped it out without any questions (well, just asked for my ID and receipt).

    So, to all the haters. Suck it up and return your faulty Pre.

    Or, if you're just hanging onto it to flame message boards, then flame away!
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    just curious, what was the problem with the volume control? Mine acts bizarre and sound levels vary when I'm on anything but loudest volume. What did yours do?
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    jhindmon -
    my issue was that the actual volume "button" wasn't physically connected to the unit.
    While holding it horizontally, swapping the battery it would actually fall out.

    However, it certainly sounds like you have issues of your own.

    Try swapping it out for a new one. That's the purpose of the 30 day window...

    Good luck!
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    OP - I totally agree with you. I got my 1st on launch day. I finally decided not to live with the imperfections and called Sprint CS on day 30 and arranged an exchange. (Pixel problems, loose slider, weak keyboard, poor reception.)
    My new 2nd Pre is awesome! The build is sturdier, slide tighter, all pixels work, better (although not perfect) reception, faster scroll through apps; it really is like a whole different phone. You're right, holy smokes...
    I got the 2nd phone from Sprint store Weds, black box. It is awesome, and I agree with the OP, if your phone is not perfect, get a new one, you may be incredibly surprised.
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    What can I do? I think I am outside of my 30 days (barely) but I do have some problems!!!!

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