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    I have had the pre since launch. Up until today I have always had the device locked with pin. I used the pin not for security purposes. It was used so I wouldn't accidentally press apps when sliding opening the pre. I guess I was using it like the screen lock feature on the palm os / winmo. Well after aciddently pressing the emergency call on several occasions I stop using the feature. I'm sure 911 has alot of 2sec calls on record for me in past couple of weeks.

    Side note: I did notice the pre locking up after awhile of pin lock use. Had to reset a few times. Anyone else use the pin lock feature?
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    I had it turned on for a while when I first got my pre without any issues - when was this? Before or after the recent OS updates.
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    I left it on the first day but did the same thing with the emergency dial so its off now. I wonder if they could make an option to either not unlock on screen slide or an option to not display the emergency dial?

    Alternatively i would be interested in the ability to use the screen lock on individual apps such as email but leave the phone itself open.

    is the emergency dial on screen lock a requirement of some sort?
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    same problem i just experienced this a.m. trying to answer a call for the first time while the phone was locked... missed the caller and accidentally called 911 (oops sorry guys) button should be moved or removed and maybe make it so you could slide the keyboard up and still dial 911 or something... or at least a secondary prompt?....
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    I use the PIN lock (and need it!), and yeah, today I called 911 by mistake while trying to dial the "0" in my PIN. Frustrating, but I guess I can alleviate it by removing the "0" which should help.

    Palm REALLY needs to stop pre-populating "Emergency Dial" with the 911 already- w/o a PIN you'd have to dial it manually anyway, right?

    Oh, and to answer someone else's question, I haven't seen any lockups and I've been using the PIN method since I got the phone about 10 days now. I have a 6/22 build date.
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    My pin has been working fine since day one. I have one call to 911 and wish it the emergency button can be eliminated or moved.
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    Glad to see i'm not the only one. Emergency call is a nice feature but I too wish it could be turned off somehow.

    The pin locked (and hot phone) started happedning after i used the car adapter and car charger together for bluetooth streaming audio into my speakers. I guess it was too much power.
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    This is getting annoying... I end up dialing 911 nearly every morning. My screen seems really uncalibrated when I'm typing in the PIN. The zero hits 911.
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    Yes, add this "feature" to the list of annoying things (like the panic button on car FOBs) I'd like to ge rid of.

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