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    Great, I feel gay... Gotta sell the Pre now....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tampashooters View Post
    Great, I feel gay... Gotta sell the Pre now....
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    /me sells Pre right now.
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimlynch11 View Post
    I used to think that, but upon further review of his non-'pop' songs, his guitar play is really out of this world. Better than a majority of the musicians out there right now.
    Yes. He is a great guitarist
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    Omg! I totally want a pre now! Lol....
    He is a tool.

    Much cooler knowing lance armstrong has one
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    Bono should be endorsing the Pre. After all he did invest $100 million in palm. I wanna see a Pre U2 commercial!
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    I thought RIM was sponsoring him? Guess that deal is over and he's a free agent now...

    U2 used to be Apple loyalists, but there's a new Blackberry ad that is essentially just a live clip of U2 and then the tagline "Blackberry Loves U 2"... Not sure how they plan to sell phones with that, but whatevs...
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    Who cares about John Mayor... I only want a phone that Kim Kardashian has! hahaha She had the Helio Ocean so did I! hahaha
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    the facial expressions I can do without, but the guy can rip it on the guitar and has a decent voice (plus he gets the ladies...haha)...pictured him more of an iphone guy
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    dang, now I need to take mine back.... and I really liked it too
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