Did you guys know this? I did a few searches here and didn't see it.

Google also updated its Product Search for mobile application this week. Google launched Product Search for mobile in April to help users get prices, ratings, reviews, and product details from Web sites through their mobile phones.

This is a useful tool for the shopper trying to compare products they are looking at in Best Buy or some other store. Rather than putting off their purchase until they can go home and check reviews and ratings online, Google Product Search for mobile lets users find the info from their Apple iPhones or, Google hopes, their Android devices.

But when it was first launched, Google Product Search for mobile only worked for iPhone and Android G1 users in the U.S. and the U.K., ignoring users of other mobile phones. In June, Google added Palm Pre support for this service.

Now, all Web devices in the U.S., U.K. Germany and South Korea support the service, Google said. Also, to help U.S. users of Android, iPhone and Pre phones cut down on typing queries, Google added Google Suggest to the Product Search home page and results pages.
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