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    Ive noticed lately that just getting the plastic covering of the Micro USB port requires sticking your fingernail in the crevice which is used for sliding. Sticking your fingernail in there with a little pressure separates the slider crevice from the screen portion of the phone. This stress can't be good and I'm guessing this is why people are getting "loose" phones, with all sorts of horizantal movement between the screen and back portion. I dont think we should be using any leverage against that back sliding portion, over time I feel like it's going to break. I really think a chunk of the plastic cover to the micro-usb needs to be "chipped off" so you can stick your nail in there.
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    Open the keyboard, makes it much easier to get the cover off.
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    The User's guid suggests opening the slider first. If you do this, it's much easier to open the USB port.
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    I agree opening it is the best. Oh and a touchstone really reduces the need to open it!!
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    Design flaw? you could call it that, but im sure they noticed this before the phone was released. Rather than a design flaw..its a ploy to convince you to buy a touchstone charger. Another reason to make you want to pay $70.

    On a side note..the touchstone charger is pretty cool, even if it is unnecessary. With the Pre's horrible battery life, the touchstone is a easier way to keep the battery topped off at all times.
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    yes open the keyboard is the best way but it's still a flaw. Most cell phone holders for your car are designed to hold the phone on both side covering the mini usb port to charge. Yeah I know touchstone but thats 49.95 compared to a 10 holder.

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