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    Hey Guys,

    After rooting my phone and successfully tethering it last night, i went back into the developer mode, restarted and started up the novaprm script and i continuously get the message that my pre is not connected. Have you guys experience this after rooting your phone?
    Not sure what to do?
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    Not to be a butthole but is the phone in developer mode? I know you said you went back into it but have you double checked?

    I know when I was going to load apps on my phone for a 2nd time using the SDK it wouldn't go and it was because I forgot to put the phone back into developer mode.
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    Sorry zna - i did go back into developer mode and restarted. The phone works fine but i cant root into it anymore?
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    This has been mentioned dozens of times in here:

    Nobody has figured it out yet. I spent hours trying to get it to work on my desktop with Vista 32-bit Home PREMIUM with ZERO success. However, it worked on the first try on my wife's laptop with Vista 32-bit Home BASIC.

    I updated my desktop to SP2 last night hoping it would fix it, but no success.

    wait... maybe I misread your post. You rooted it on a Vista machine, restarted, then it wouldn't recognize after that? That happened to me on my wife's laptop last night. I had to open RUN and type services.msc ... scroll to Palm Novacom, right click, and disable. Give it 3 seconds, then right click and Enable. You should be able to run the Novaproxy after that.

    I rebooted the Pre after each install I did last night, and about 50% of the time I had to disable the services and enable it again for it to connect.
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    Thanks for your help. I still am not able to get it. Its weird, when I open novaproxy it doesnt even take a second and the error message saying the pre is not connected pops up. I stopped the palm novaproxy service and then restarted it and I doubled checked the developer mode and restarted the pre. Im not sure what else to do
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    Try turning off User Account Control in Vista ... gww
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    Are you running everything as an administrator?

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