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    I've been following this phone since it was first unveiled, and, being a very cell phone obsessed person (not that I buy lots of them, I just read about and keep up with them), this phone seems to be the perfect mixture of fun, cool, practical, and useful. I want it so bad, but I'm currently on Verizon, and the LAST THING IN THE WORLD I want is to switch carriers for one phone, and then not be happy with it.

    So far my pros and cons are:

    THE PRE (if its as amazing as I hope)
    Cheaper plan with more features
    Sprint coverage map "shows" great coverage in my area
    Sprint has a great ad campaign going, makes me feel like they know what they're doing :P

    Verizon cancellation fee
    Verizon is very much expanding and gaining features/users, Sprint is kind of down in the dumps.
    Everyone I know has Verizon, no one has Sprint, so no more free calls/texts to them.
    Quality issues with the Pre, I'd hate to get a bad one.
    Verizon may get a Pre next year, but I'd hate to wait to see when that is, what if it takes longer?
    There's rumors and hints of Verizon getting some sort of apple product (tablet?) in the next year, and I love a shiny new gadget.

    Anyone else an ex-Verizon user? Any regrets? Was it worth it? To any and all Pre owners from all networks or anything, is it worth it? Will I regret this at all? I've had one previous experience when I thought a phone was all high and mighty, then hated it absolutely and was miserable with it. Just don't want to go through that again.
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    In my opinion it is worth it. Sprint has great plans for the money as you stated. As for the cancellation fee for Verizon, my fiance came from Verizon to Sprint (we're on a family plan now with Sprint) and I know for a fact that Verizon Pro-Rates the cancellation fee. So if you are halfway through your Verizon Contract you only pay half the cancellation fee (should always double check with verizon).

    Another Route you could take is to keep Verizon and Activate a new line of Service with Sprint For $300-$100 Mail in rebate plus some (activation fees and the usual taxes and what not). try it out for 30 Days and if you dont like it you will still have your Verizon phone and you can return the Pre and end the contract within the first month and get a full Refund.

    I would say its worth at least a try because this phone is Probably Sprints Home-Run-Phone (for now). Just my opinion, hope this helps
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    I agree. Just activate a new line of service, don't port your number yet, and try it for 30 days. Within that 30 days decide if you want to switch, otherwise you can quit and get all your money back.
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    If your already on the big V, I would wait 6 months and see if the phone does come to Verizon, and what the app catalog looks like then. The free calls to all my Verizon friends would make my plan MUCH cheaper....
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    i did what everyone else mentioned, activate a new line and test everything out for 30 days to see if you like it. i didnt make it the 30 days and cancelled my tmo service with the etf after 2 weeks with the pre haha
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    I would give it a shot and just try it out for 30 days. I personally love my Sprint service(just switched off of ATT), and we roam off of Verizon if you need it. I live in the Bay Area though, and Sprint's actually known to be pretty good in this area, but I have yet to get a dropped call or bad call quality. Give it a shot though and just don't port your number over until you think you're ready to jump ship.
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    At the risk of sounding like I'm just echoing others, I agree you should try it before buying it. Were I to have had the misgivings you seem to have, I'd definitely go with the 30 day trial. If you decide sooner to plunge, you can. If you decide it the cons outweigh the pros, you're really not out anything.
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    I couldn't go back to Verizon. Just can't afford the data prices. Verizon's network is great. But I wonder what features on the WebOS phone that they will demand to be off while on their network. This is what drove me back to Sprint. I don't want a lobotomized Treo for more money, thanks.
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    if cell phones excite you then do it.. b/c this phone is the real deal.. put it this way, if the iphone 3gs was what the pre is, it would be consider the greatest thing since sliced bread, but since the apple name is not on it, its being reviewed slightly lower.
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    I was a long time Verizon customer. I switched over to Sprint for the Pre a few weeks ago. I have absolutely no regrets. I love the Pre!
    Accessories that I'm using with my Pre
    -Palm Leather Slip Case for Pre
    -Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset
    -Touchstone Charging Kit
    -2nd Touchstone Dock (for office)
    -2 International Travel Chargers
    -2nd Palm Battery
    -Palm Spare Battery Charger
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    Same here. Switched from VZW to Sprint for the Pre, no problems. Love the Pre. WiFi and GPS: not sure Verizon wouldn't cripple at least one of these. OTOH, Verizon might allow tethering with $15 extra per month. Try it for 3 weeks or so and see if the signal is good where you live and work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oasis9389 View Post
    if cell phones excite you then do it.. b/c this phone is the real deal.. put it this way, if the iphone 3gs was what the pre is, it would be consider the greatest thing since sliced bread, but since the apple name is not on it, its being reviewed slightly lower.
    Yeah, I totally agree with that. I've read probably the majority of the "reviews" out there and many of them left me pondering the relationship of the reviewer to the good folks over at Apple. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about the iPhone or Apple (aside from the fact that it wants to rule the world). But the amount of reviews with an obvious, blantant bias is staggering. So, I wouldn't (and don't) put too much stake in that.

    Consider this: Could this knee-jerk reaction by the iPhanaticss against all things Pre indicate that perhaps they sense a game changer with the coming of the pre?

    As far as switching from expensive big red for a feature rich lower cost plan on Sprint with the pre -- for me that is a no brainer. But, I agree with what many of the other posters have said: try the pre for the 30 days and keep your Verizon phone going until you decide for certain.
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    I paid $290 for an ETF for two iPhones on AT&T to get a Pre and a Tour for my wife. We are enjoying our Sprint service. We're saving about $40 a month in the end, and Sprint coverage by us is blazing fast, and great quality.

    Pre is the future. A more open, more widley accepted platform.
    Number of Pre's in household: 2, one for my wife and one for myself.
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    I switched from VZW for the Pre and I am very satisfied. I switched for 2 reasons.

    1) VZW has terrible service at my place of employment. (main reason)

    2) I was never pleased with VZW phones. Sprint always got the same phones 6+ months ahead of VZW.. And after Verizon crippled the Touch Pro I lost all hope and patience.

    That being said, I am very happy with my Pre and my coverage is much better everywhere I go... Data seems much faster as well. Paying a lower monthly rate is nice too
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    Since Verizon is getting the Pre in January, I'm just going to stick it out for a few months while Palm works all the bugs out, then get the phone I want on the carrier I prefer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jihan View Post
    Since Verizon is getting the Pre in January, I'm just going to stick it out for a few months while Palm works all the bugs out, then get the phone I want on the carrier I prefer.
    In all sincerity, I really hope Verizon doesn't cripple the WebOS phones they get.
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    I travel all over the US and really have not had a problem with Sprint. In particular the data service is outstanding! It seems to be faster than that of Verizon or ATT, but this is just from conversations with some of my peers. I don't think you'll see any difference except Sprint will save you money!!
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    personally for where i live, nyc, i would never switch away from sprint.
    1. its dirt cheap compared to the other networks
    i pay 70$ a month and i get unlimitted text, data, and 450 mins. i use about 7 mins a month talk time. ALSO 7pm starts nights and weekends. thats massive, i don't leave work till 6.. there is not oppurtunity for me to use a real minute of air time.

    2. the data service is lightening fast.. its amazing.
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    I switched from V 5 yrs ago. Their Data plans were too expensive. Sprint service has been relatively smooth. Never had any major reception issue and data speeds are very fast. I am sure there are some areas where V will be better.

    As far as the Pre, the reception has been slightly less than what I had with other phones (HTC TP, Treo 650, 700p, 755p) However, I am sure that will be fixed soon. According to CS they are working on fixing it (not holding my breath). All in all even with the reception issues (which are not too significant... meaning I still get good reception just not great) the Pre is a solid device and runs smooth. Some minor issues like lack of BT Obex (file transfer) and issues with pairing to certain BT A2DP headsets ie. Sony HBH-DS980) and lack of medical apps. My wife and I are still loving the Pre.

    Nevertheless, I agree with others... You should try before buying. Only you know what is best for you.

    Hope you enjoy the phone and here is an early welcome to the Pre community...ENJOY
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