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    I have an opportunity to speak to Sprint about my experience using the Palm Pre this first month and have a lot to say (mostly positive), but since I know you do too, I want to say as much as possible to represent all of our user experiences, so...

    Tell me. What would you say to Sprint and Palm about your user experience over the first month since release if you had the ear of folks in charge? Both positive and negative responses welcome, but please try to be specific.
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    Since you have the opportunity to speak to "Sprint brass" Im more interested in what YOU have to say...
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    I switched to Sprint from AT&T just to get the Pre. I'm extremely happy with the phone out of the box and I'm excited about it's potential.

    My salesman at the corporate store is great and I've had several good experiences with customer service on the phone. I really got the sense that good service was their goal.

    However, I will continue to be disgruntled with Sprint until they stop their corporate greed-based policy of charging $0.20 per minute for call forwarding.
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    I really, really like the Pre. The suggestions I have:

    - Make sure all Sprint stores are aware of the current issues, such as the loose battery problem, and what the resolution is. I had to explain and demonstrate the problem and show them how I added a folded up piece of paper to correct. They replaced the phone rather than just the battery. Not a huge problem, this is a suggestion.
    - Make sure employees know exactly what is backed up and restored to a new phone. I was told I would get everything and all settings and that was not the case. For example, I had to turn off location services, did not get my pictures and shortcuts I added to the launcher.
    - I am very much missing the ability to change my e-mail notification.

    Thanks for asking.
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    i had a loose battery after a while of using the phone. I went to sprint store and the technician did something to the phone and now there is no loose battery anymore and my phone does not shut down randomly while openening slider
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    Overall, things are great. I just switched from AT&T with the iPhone 3G and I couldn't be happier. The Sprint network is great compared to AT&T where I live.

    Only complaint would be that my local Sprint store was out of stock, so I headed to Best Buy to sign my contract with Sprint. Keep your stores stocked!
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    Fix the battery. Charging my Pre twice a day is getting old fast.
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    Coming from Verizon to Sprint, I've been pretty impressed with everything so far - The coverage, the customer service and of course the wonderful Pre. I've not had a single hardware issue with the Pre yet and I'm pretty confident it will stay that way.

    I do of course hope more software updates and a lot more apps will be coming out soon, but that really seems to be more of a request to make of Palm, not so much Sprint.
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    I got my Pre last Thursday when my old phone died. I'd been holding off on upgrading since Sept. of last year, waiting for a Sprint Android phone. Though I would still love to have an Android phone, I've been impressed with the Pre. So far I've not had any hardware issues, short battery life, etc. that others are posting about on the forum.

    Things to take to Sprint:
    +1 on removing the $0.20/minute call forwarding tax.
    + Give their in store sales people more training on the phone. I'd not touched one before I bought mine, but reading the forums for a month before getting it, I knew more about how the phone worked then the guy who sold it to me.
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    Coverage is good and the OS is nice. Get a move on with the SDK and take a long hard look at build quality issues because those folks who end up with hardware issues form a very vocal minority who can ruin the reputation of the device. It's always worth spending more on quality control because the alternative is a device with a bad reputation based on a minority of devices being flawed. Compared to the elephant in the room, hardware quality and app availability are the only cons. OS, synergy, cost of Sprint plans, real QWERTY, and multitasking are all excellent.
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    Coming from the 755p, I really like the size and feel of the phone. WebOS is a great platform. The phone is easy to use and learn.

    Build quality is an issue, if only for some. As stated in another post, there is a VERY vocal minority.

    -Battery life and fit are a serious issue. Don't ignore them, or deny their existence. Make sure all your techs know about the issues. I've heard of some Techs that have a fix for the battery fit issue (bending out prongs to make better contact), they need to share that with ALL Sprint Techs.

    - Get moving on apps that might have a real impact for business users.
    - Fix the issue with alternate sounds for emails, messages, alerts, etc.-
    -Find a way to allow users to delete/organize contacts from facebook, etc.
    -Give us more control over when a calendar event will alert us.
    -Most importantly, don't wait until the next webOS device comes out to address these issues. That would definately hurt Sprints sales.

    I know most of this is really a Palm issue. However, since Sprint has the exclusive at this time, it would be nice if they could exert a bit of pressure on their partner.
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    I'd say roll out the 4G sooner than later. And be more open to tethering, streaming apps, etc.
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    For Sprint:
    -The improvements they've made (trying to make) re: the customer experience are noticable.
    -Maintain pricing advantage for voice/data services.
    -Their launch partner, Palm, had some minor (in the grand scheme) quality control problems that appear to be diminishing given recent posts on forums.
    -We realize Sprint doesn't control the timing of the release of the SDK but they need to keep heat on Palm as apps are what will drive data usage which is a competitive advantage for Sprint ... now network performs better than others.
    -Internal supply chain appears to have performed well given daily replenishment of stores. Palm controls production volume, Sprint controls getting finished goods to retail distribution points (I believe). Kudos for managing tight supply pretty well.
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    most of the above has little to nothing to do with Sprint. My comment to sprint would be that they need more flexibility in plans. To force everyone on a share plane to get data, because one person has a Pre, is unreasonable, and will likely keep me from buying one any time soon.
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    tell them to allow us to receive pictures without da*n clicking on a link.. my peers can't view my pictures because some of them dont have a data plan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jovanny27 View Post
    tell them to allow us to receive pictures without da*n clicking on a link.. my peers can't view my pictures because some of them dont have a data plan.
    I'm not sure I understand this one. I don't have to click on a link when someone sends me a pic as an MMS--it just shows up in the message. And if others don't have a data plan, is there something Sprint can do to help them view pics on their phones?

    Maybe I am just not clear what you mean. Can you be more specific so that I can understand better?
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    Love the phone, hate the service.

    I get no service in my new office, and will be returning my pre today because of it.
    AT&T, Tmobile, and Verizon all provide service with full bars. Only sprint seems to lack here, and I don't know why.

    I'll miss it.
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    Here's a link to my post today including some of your feedback: Other Pre Users Speak Out: Part I | Test Drive the Palm Pre from Spr - CNET Reviews. I'll include more in future.

    Also, here's the originating page if you're interested: Test Drive the Palm Pre from Sprint - CNET Reviews.

    FYI, in the interest of full disclosure: I don't work for CNET, Palm, or Sprint. Ten of us who applied were given phones and temporary service and asked (by CNET, Sprint, and Palm) to blog about our user experience for one month. Because it's a "sponsored blog," they have added "Special Advertising Section" to the top of the page and "showcase" to the url. When we post, we do so directly through the CNET blog tool (BTO) and our posts go "live" immediately (and are unedited by CNET, Palm, and/or Sprint) when we click "publish."

    If anyone would rather I not include what you write here or your PreCentral user name, please say so when you post or PM me.
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    i mean, everytime someone sends me a picture i need to click on a picturemail link to view it
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    I would like to tell Sprint that not every customer wants to be FORCED to keep the NASCAR eyesore of an app on their pre. Give us a way to delete the freakin' thing without having to root/hack it outta there.

    Other than that, I have been happy with most things Sprint related.
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