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    Quote Originally Posted by tpdtopcop View Post
    How do you get it on your palm or you can only play online with computer? Sorry may be a stupid question.
    just click on the link with your pre.... also works on your desktop pc browser. I wasplaying a really addictive pool style game but I have forgotten where I found it.
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    First game was a draw.
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    I take it back, that chess game is really awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyg View Post
    I take it back, that chess game is really awful.
    What's wrong with it?
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    It's impossible.
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    Just fun at all
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    After playing this game for a couple weeks, I've found that I truly despise the computer. I mean, it doesn't just try to beat you; its mission is to utterly humiliate you. Usually, it will comsume every piece you have before trying to mate you even though it has the knowledge and firepower to do it immediately. One time it purposely let me take its queen with a pawn, allowing me to think that victory was within grasp, only because it knew it would get her back in three moves. After that, I was mated in short order. The few times that I have beaten it, I've actually celebrated out loud. I freaking hate that thing...
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    Very cool...
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