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    Google's G1 phone makes it easy to track surfing habits -

    I would never buy an Android phone and I don't use any Google service other than search which I use in Privacy mode.

    I don't know about each individuals concerns but I feel uneasy with the way Google is monitoring , tracking you're online usage.

    Palm could be onto a winner if it can clearly state its o/s is one of the best for privacy and security.
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    I hope you never use email, the web, or cell phones either because all of those provide a clear trail of whatever you do.
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    Using email is not necessarily private, but under normal circumstances it's not going to be monitored. Unless you are using Gmail, in which case Google does in fact scan it in order to determine what types of ads to send you. I think that is pretty different, and for me was a point against an Android phone.

    Using the web has potential to get you tracked, but there are lots of things you can do to minimize that. There is definitely room for improved privacy on the Pre in this regard. For example there should be the ability to whitelist/blacklist cookies per site. Or the ability to block third-party cookies. (The Pre does let you block cookies, but it's all-or-nothing, which will make it hard to use many legitimate sites if you choose to do so.) I don't know whether any other smartphone offers these types of functions, so the Pre may just be the same.

    On the other hand, the Pre is better than the iPhone about letting you know when an app uses location services to determine where you are, from everything I've seen. (I don't know about Android.)

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