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    I have 5 Pre's so far that I have come across all new...and I have found that on ALL of them there is spacing...

    On one there is spacing on the left meaning the space isnt as tight as the other side its big and when you press the top and bottom of the bigger space it click

    This same issue is present on ALL four new devices but different areas from right side to top left to top to this normal cause its a slider n some part of the phone is going to have it cause its vertical slider?

    The touch pro and g1 have non at all....all of the 5 click on some part of the phone if u put hand on the bottom and thumb on the screen n just press around you literally hear a loud click...

    Do literally all of them have this and people don't notice or care? I mean it doesn't effect the function of the phone but its annoying and wonder if it will cause longevity issues
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    No not all of them are like that but it is pretty obvious that there are consistency / build quality issues.
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    are you sure cause these are the 5 i personally came across from difference places ALL new, new boxes and than all my friends have been like this too
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    I just returned my first pre that had this issue in the upper left hand corner. that had a build date of sometime in early june. the replacement i picked up was made on the 23rd but it's rock solid. there is definitely some consistency issues with the production line.

    just try a different store or come back in about a week or two.

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