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    So, I was looking at the help videos that come on the phone, and then I realized that they are linked .mp4 (h.264) videos from the Sprint site. (wheels are now turning in my head)

    I tried as I might to find a site with mp4 video that I could try out, but my search did not turn up anything. Then today, I remembered a site that I have an account with called sesame vault. They have a universal player that "allows you to publish video in any way, shape, or form you choose." "Yea right", I thought to myself... so I gave it a try.

    jamie3d [dot] com/project-112

    I still can't post links, and instead of spamming until I reach 10 posts, I'm trying to keep all my posts relevant, so just replace the [dot]

    That is a link to my site where I embedded a video using their universal player. Go to that URL on your desktop, it loads a huge video. now go to it on your Pre and it'll give you a little thumbnail that launches the video player and then plays a nice low quality version.

    I thought that was pretty dandy! :-)

    Does anyone else know of any video sites (not youtube) that provide a "Pre-patible" video format?
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    Wow, that is really cool and it works really good on my pre. The only problem is that the lowest monthly fee starts at 49/mo! I wouldn't have any use for it other than for my pre so for me, it's not worth the money.
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    Yea, the monthly fees and stuff are kind of steep unless you have a busy site, but I use the pay as you go plan $1.49 / GB and that works well for me (for my tiny, underloved, desperately in need of an update, portfolio site).

    I'm not suggesting this as a means to get videos onto your Pre, but rather I discovered this in my search for Pre-friendly video formats. It would be a good site to host videos on a blog or professional site though.

    The real question I have is: What formats do and don't work on the Pre. I know what is says in the specs, but 9/10 mp4 videos I have tried from around the net just give me a playback error.
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    Im pretty sure this forum has a thread that breaks down what the proper formats are for the pre...I have had the same issues, not all mp4's are created equal lol.

    I am actually going to try to find that thread right now bc Im sure I also so some good information about the easiest process for converting files to the right spec.
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    There is a thread on here with a breakdown of the file format already:

    I use cucusoft dvd converter which works perfectly (also it was reviewed as one of teh top 3 dvd converters to use I think by PC Mag). It cost something like $20.00 -$30.00 if you shop around the net. But I have heard other use handbrake to convert videos which is free.

    Hit thanks if I helped any. Good luck.

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