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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre_3000 View Post
    expected date 8/8. hope it comes sooner than later.

    posted earlier and guess what it came in the mail today. i sent mine in on the 7/6/2009.
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    yuppp got mine today, and I sent it the first week the phone came out. More pre accessories...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattlreese View Post
    Bought mine the first day, sent the rebate within a few days. I guess its been about a month now, but no rebate. I did get an e-mail that my rebate was being processed however. I know they said 6-8 weeks but has anyone revived theirs yet?
    I just got my rebate in the mail today! Finally!!
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    $200.00 yesterday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott500 View Post
    Got mine today too....and wife already spent it I'm sure...
    Ahaha. Buying myself a second TouchStone and Travel Charger with my rebate. No more carrying the thing to and from work/home for me.
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    got mine yesterday
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    Received it yesterday. Spent it on a second TouchStone and other accessories.
    - Fushigi
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    came in yesterday!
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    lol they must have been doing a bulk mailing, I got mine yesterday as well
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    Bought two Pres and ended up getting a rebate of $350 in the mail yesterday
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    Mine came yesterday
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    I got my check yesterday 7/27/09. Bought on launch day and didn't send it out till about a week after purchase.
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    Got an email yesterday saying my rebate check would come in 2-3 weeks. Got it in todays mail.
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    Received it yesterday...
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    Bought on launch day. Sent in 3 days later. Received it yesterday.
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    I purchased mine on launch day. Didn't send in the rebate until the 25th day after. I received the rebate yesterday.
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    Got mine yesterday!
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    I received my rebate yesterday. I bought my Pre on launch day, but didn't send in the rebate for a week or afterwards.
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    I bought mine at Radio Shack and didn't need a rebate
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