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    expected date 8/8. hope it comes sooner than later.
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    Got mine today. WOOT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azack View Post
    got mine instant!
    thanks best buy
    I'd gotten on their waiting list for the Pre. I also got on the list at a Sprint store. Sprint called the next day. So I figured I could wait for the rebate to get the phone now.

    The first BB called 2 weeks later. The second was 3 weeks. I would have liked not waiting for the rebate, but I like not having to wait for the Pre much better.
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    I'm at 83%... They received the forms on 6/26.
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    Expected Delivery Date: 08-08-2009
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    Got my rebate check today in the mail... Bought my Pre on release day !
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    I sent mine off last week and in checking, I'm at 100% and the check has cleared.

    Wonder why they keep data from 2 1/2 years ago?
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    Got mine today too!

    I also bought on release day, but didn't send the stuff until late June since they wouldn't even start looking at it until the initial 30 day period was up.
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    i got my visa referrals rewards card today-=).. and sprint says to expect the 100 in the next week or so ...
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    4 rebates today!
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    Just got mine today......they spelled my first name wrong by 1 letter though.

    Hope that won't be an issue.
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    Got mine today!!!! WooHoo
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    got mine today also.
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    I just got mine today....sent it in about 3 days after phone came out.
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    Got mine today as well.
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    Count me in just got mine today. Smokin!
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    Mine arrived today! $200--two phones. Now if only Best Buy had the $99 sale still I could go buy two more!
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    Got it today. Hooray!!!!
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    Just got mine today too! =)
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    Mine arrived today s bought 6-9
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