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    Got my pre on the tuesday after it was released and received my rebate check yesterday...when i checked the rebate status online it said i would receive the check around Aug. 8th, so I was super excited to get it sooner!
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    Recieved mine yesterday.
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    Haven't recv. my rebate either and I didn't get an email saying it has been recv. Think I need to check into it.
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    I got my Pre the 2nd week it was out and I got my rebate yesterday.
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    I bought two pre's on release date. Got a check today for $350. Yes $150 more than I expected. Maybe this is a bonus for being such a great long time customer. All the emails I got about this said $350, I assumed this meant $549.99 - $350 = $199.99, guess it didn't.
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    Got Mine Today !
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    yes, today...
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    Bought two PREs on launch day, filled out the rebate forms while activating the phone and the Sprint store submitted them for me. I received a check for $200 today. Error free and on time. Very impressed.
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    Actually ended up receiving mine today as well
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    Bought Pre on 1st day, mailed rebate form a week or so later and received my check yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreMD View Post
    Bought Pre on 1st day, mailed rebate form a week or so later and received my check yesterday.
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    Got mine todat $150.00 more than should have been? Got $450.00.
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    I just got mine yesturday.
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    You guys that have received your rebate check:

    How many days after you received the email that said, "Your rebate of $100.00 is in the final stages of processing and should be mailed to you within the next three weeks" did it take for your rebate to arrive?

    I know it didn't take you guys 3 weeks to get the check.
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    Bought 2 Pres on launch day and got my $200 rebate check on Monday
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preman View Post
    Got mine todat $150.00 more than should have been? Got $450.00.
    Mine was $150 more than it should have been too. I bought 2 phones supposed to be $200 got $350. I assume you got 3 phones. How long have you been a Sprint customer. I've been a 10+ year customer.
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    Got mine yesterday and it was correct and on time.
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