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    Hey guys,

    I just got my Pre 2 Weeks ago and have been satisfied with it thus far. The whole usability experience is great.

    The issue that is bother me is getting random dropped calls and voice cutting in and out while I am walking.

    It's happened enough that I am slightly worried (5 over two weeks, with my previous phone never). It happens randomly, and with fair to great coverage (2-3 bars to full). When I was walking today I could hear the person on the other end cut in and out so I stopped walking and then their voice was clear again.

    I have updated network settings and what not, I am not sure exactly what to do. I came from a Touch Diamond (which I loved, I am a power user and loved the custom Apps and the ability to customize everything).

    Any suggestions, tips? Do I need a replacement?
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    I don't know if its a software or hardware issue, but since I've had my Pre, I've had dozens of dropped calls.

    I'm really hoping its a software issue.
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    I have made over 20-30 calls since having my Pre, and received a good 50-60 - I've only had the Pre since Monday but so far so good. Sprint has been great!!! Much better than AT&T!
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    Well I don't question that Sprint's coverage is good, like I said I used the Diamond for almost a year and had zero dropped calls.

    I DO hope its a software issue, but if that's the case and we won't be getting another update for another month then it's kinda disappointing. I can tolerate it but I don't think its an unreasonable expectation for the phone to make and receive calls.
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    Does anyone know if Sprint still has the service where they will credit you .50 for every drop call? You have to call into automated number and hit a few buttons i believe to get the credit.
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    No more cash credit. Instead, they offer two anytime minutes for the inconvenience.
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    Do you think it's simply the fact that my Diamond picked up the signal better? I do notice the Pre at points drops to 1 bar but then bounces back to 3/4. That's really unfortunate because at my other home I get only 1-2 bars I can imagine lots of dropped calls.

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    If it's happening while moving it's probably a hardware issue. I'd visit a repair center and ask them to check the various connectors inside the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshk View Post
    If it's happening while moving it's probably a hardware issue. I'd visit a repair center and ask them to check the various connectors inside the phone.
    No not just moving, just the one time I noticed it, while just sitting down talking. The quality is good too, and then just a signal lost error.
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    I had this issue, was driving me nuts. More missed/dropped calls than 10 years of memory with Sprint.
    Could set the phone down and watch the bars move, even dialed into data and did same.
    Second "check" at Service Center by tech who has Pre said antenna was bad, exchanged.

    Since then, I do have lower bars at same location with Diamond (last phone), but bars can read reception differently. However, no more bouncing signal, call quality is SO much better.

    I do believe it has lower reception, this is a software updatable fix for radio, but definitely can be a hardware issue. Have yours checked, be nicely insistent. It definitely was a problem on mine that was recitified by new phone.
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    I just add myself as a customer of german O2. I recognize dropped calls (when signal strength was good) very often. Sometimes, when manually checking email accounts via 3G, I also can see how the connectivity indicator bars flicker, go completely to zero and then back to nearly full strength and that perhaps more than once during one email check. Sometimes resulting in a "no connection error", but most often it fetches the mails after a while.

    I don't call people very often, but if someone calls me I want to get that call. And people keep saying to me "you weren't available" or "the line was busy" while I was doing nothing with the phone ...

    First I blamed the patches but after doing partial erases, full erases and even doctored my phone the problem persists. So I bet on a hardware issue although I don't want to give that phone away again
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    I got the similar symptom of dropping outgoing calls. No matter 2G or 3G network, restart did not help. I could receive calls and send text messages. My parties (those who I tried to call) did not notice any attempt of call.
    System erase helped.

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