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    Mine which is 18 used it for a while and did not like it.
    When I asked her why she just could not explain why.
    She just kept telling me she just doesnt like it.
    So she went back to her old BB.

    I thought she be thrilled to get this baby but she wasn't.
    So I took the pre back. Is it just my daughter that's "weird."
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    I'm twenty and love this thing. I showed it to a 16 year old friend and she got the hang of it very well and seemed to love it also. I'd hardly call this thing a smartphone though, but I think its good for younger users as well as older ones who do simple buisness related things.
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    My 18 year-old daughter and I both got the Pre three weeks ago and we both love it.
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    I just turned 22 (My gf got me the pre for my bday) and i love this phone. I dont know where i'd be without it.
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    Why isn't it a smartphone?

    Why can't your daughter express herself?

    Teenagers can be weird...
    If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed.
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    When my dad got it, I didn't like it that much.
    But after a couple days I started to LOVE it.
    I don't know how that works.

    I'm a boy though so...
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    My wife doesn't care for it. She still misses her iPhone. I love my Pre, and I only miss my iPhone because of the apps and easy media access. I love the Pre so far.
    By the way, we're both 22.
    Number of Pre's in household: 2, one for my wife and one for myself.
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    I teach at a University and am surrounded by the 19-24 year old set pretty much on a daily basis. I can tell you that my students couldn't wait to check out my pre. The majority really love it. Although, I do have a few Apple-centric students who have drunk that kool-aide to the point where, I fear, there is no return. Oddly, many of them cannot explain why. They just blurt things like "the iPhone is the best" and "I ONLY use Apple products."

    At my daughter's skating rink, her coach, who is a 19 year old Blackberry lover checked out my Pre and said "Oh, I think I have to get one of these!"
    "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." ~ Samuel Beckett
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    I'm 23 and love this phone! I can't imagine going back to my old Helio Ocean...
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    My wife has made a list of her "issues" with mine, which she loves to reiterate every time she picks it up to use it. Several times a day. every day. Until I demand it back. Repeatedly.
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    My daughter loves it, shes 2 and likes when i play mickey mouse clubhouse on sprint tv lol
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    My wife at 1st was not to sure she wanted to keep it. I set down with her and showed her step by step how to use it and in a few days she LOVED it. Now she thinnks the iphone is a dinosaur (in her own words).

    I did the same with my daughter but she still did not want it.
    She did say she did not like the battery life and the speaker was to soft.
    But she said that is not why she did not want it, she's just weird I guess.
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    I have had a few girls try my pre.
    They didnt get the gesture thing at first. One said its like a puzzle and the more you use it the more sense it makes.

    I had the same kind of experience. If not for learning about the pre before hand I would not have got one.

    It grows on you with time... once you figure out the puzzle
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    My twelve year old daughter loves my Pre. My wife hates it. I think she's intimidated by it. To be fair, the best phone for her would probably be a Jitterbug.
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    My daughters, almost 2, are not allowed to touch my pre. To the OP, I recommend communications courses for your daughter... lol, jk.
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    My son got mine when my company would allow only a Blackberry to access company "stuff". He thinks it's the best device ever.

    My oldest daughter, 15, absolutly LOVES it, she wouldn't put it down before I gave it to my son.

    Even my youngest daughter, 13, totally diggs it.
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    My wife is happy with hers.
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    Nope hates it.
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    my wife is meh with it right now. 7 year old daughter loves it and my 2 year old son can already unlock it.

    My cousin however, who's wife works for apple, will sit there and defend teh iphone to the death. and his wife (she is brazilian if that adds any character for anyone)..... yeah she gave me crap about referring to the spot on the desk where the tower goes as the "PC" area. Had to remind her what PC stands for.

    i think my wife is gonna like the eos more. she is trying out my HTC touch pro to see if she likes the interface. i think palm being simple is much her speed (has centro now)
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    Got my mom one and she likes it a bunch, mainly because it has a pretty decent camera on the back of it and the fact that she can watch YouTube on the go :P
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