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    There are three views in the calendar app. When I select month view is the anyway to go to the next month? Seems like there should be an easier solutionto view the next month besides selecting jump to one month from current day?

    The other issue I have with the calendar app is when entering a new entry. Usually you can select the current day then in the details you can go to the month view to select a future date. This calendar doesn't allow that option.

    I guess the first issue isn't a big deal. However the second one is very annoying. Can some tell me how they handle calendar entries? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Update: I guess I could goto month view first then select a day. Its not to intuitive but ill continue for now.
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    When in month view you can scroll up/down for the next month.
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    When in month view you can scroll up/down for the next month.
    THANK YOU!! I kept trying the side swipe which is used on the day and week view.
    Is there a month view once you go into a entry details screen??
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